Sunday, June 10, 2007

FL: Supreme Court -- deadly force law not retroactive: "The Florida Supreme Court said a 2005 law allowing people to use deadly force to protect themselves and others against violence is not retroactive. The court ruled Thursday in the case of a taxi driver who had been charged with murdering a drunken passenger. The justices said a trial judge had erred by offering to instruct jurors that they could consider the law in deciding whether to convict West Palm Beach cabbie Robert Lee Smiley Junior of first-degree murder. The 2005 law created a new right of 'self-defense without the duty to retreat.' People could stand their ground virtually anywhere to prevent death or serious injury or the commission of a violent felony."

Texas homeowner kills Home Invader: "A home invasion suspect is dead, after being shot in the stomach by the homeowner. Police say the homeowner confronted a man who broke into his home around 3:45 Saturday morning in the 3000 block of 24th street. The homeowner allegedly asked the man to leave several times before shooting the suspect in the stomach. The suspect was taken to UMC. He died Saturday afternoon".

ID: ATF files new action against Red's Trading Post: "Federal agents for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are once again asking an Idaho federal judge to deny an embattled local gun shop permission to sell guns. The agency's latest request comes after agents found three new violations on May 23. U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge had granted relief to Red's Trading Post after the ATF revoked Red's license March 5 for numerous violations. The ATF had exaggerated some of its findings, the judge wrote in court records. Lodge delayed the ATF's sanction until he delivers his final ruling. According to the May 23 audit, Red's has not been filing its gun sales in an appropriate order. Agents also claim Red's did not seek proof that a resident alien buying a gun lived 90 days continuously in Idaho before the sale. ATF also claims Red's left out a mailing address from a box on the gun sales form in 34 applications."

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