Tuesday, June 12, 2007

(Drunk?) student shot and killed early morning in somebody else's home: "Texas Tech student Ross Baker, 23, was shot and killed Saturday morning at a Tech Terrace home at 3006 24th St. Baker was a senior construction engineering major from Weatherford. The shooting occurred around 3:45 a.m., according to the police report. The homeowner, Charles Mire, told police he confronted Baker, and Mire said he then fired a warning shot into the ceiling above his head. Mire shot Baker after he did not leave following the warning shot. He was then transported to the University Medical Center, where he later died, according to the police report. Baker had no prior criminal record. Meg Carroll, a senior accounting major from Houston and a close friend of Baker's, said Baker was always great company and a peaceful person. "Nobody ever had any problems with him. (He was) very non-confrontational," Carroll said. "He would never wrong anybody. All he did was go hunting on the weekends or hang out with friends."

Texas man Fights Carjackers: "A Madisonville resident fought back after he says a man and a woman tried to carjack him about a mile from his home. It was an evening Mike Woycheshin will never forget. On Saturday, the Madisonville resident was on his way to a wedding when he came upon a car sideways in the southbound lane at the intersection of Old State Highway 75 and Spur 104, where a man was bent over in the street. "I proceeded, got close to the car, and rolled my window down six inches," said Madisonville Resident Mike Woycheshin. "The man was in the road as if he was crippled or had been hurt. He jumped up and stuck a 38 mm gun in my face through the window and said, 'you white so and so get out of the car. I want the car.'" Woycheshin says he then leaned back in his seat, stepped hard on the gas, and called 911. Only minutes later while driving past the same intersection, about a mile from his home, Woycheshin says he was shocked to see the same car up to the same routine. "I was very irritated when I went back and saw him in the spot. I didn't want the individual to get away," Woycheshin said. Madison County Sheriff Dan Douget says the suspects recognized Woycheshin's vehicle. "Whenever they saw him they fled, he followed them and he called his stepson and the stepson came out," Douget said. Woycheshin then proceeded to follow the vehicle, and the chase began. "It dead ended into a field and he waited until police got there," Douget said. "His stepson then went back to Highway 90 and observed them coming out of the woods, and at the point had a weapon with him and held them at gunpoint until the police officers got there." David Ray Bratcher, 21, and Tara Vatrice Pitts, 18, both of Houston were arrested. The Madison County Sheriff's Office says David Bratcher is wanted in Houston for attempted murder, several counts of carjacking and one count of kidnapping. Bratcher was out on parole. No bond has been set."

Confessions of a weakling; or, Why I own a gun!: "Pardon me for just a moment while I increase my oxygen ... This is an open letter to all gun-backed bureaucrats, gun-control advocates, gun-toting soldiers of the State, and criminals. Let me take just a small sip of my lukewarm green tea as I confess to you why I own a gun and could never give up my second amendment rights. It's because I'm a weakling."


karrde said...

a 38mm gun, eh?

whose mistake, the witness or the reporter?

karrde said...

a 38mm gun?

Is this a reporter error or a witness error?