Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nevada: Las Vegas jewellery store robber shot by clerk "A neighborhood is briefly on lockdown, following a shootout in a local jewelry store. Now one person is dead and police are searching for a possible suspect. The search is on for that possible suspect, but right now Metro has two people in custody. It was a crime that had police scrambling through several eastside neighborhoods chasing a suspected robber. It all started at a jewelry store. Police say two or three men and a woman went in with guns to rob the place. They say they were confronted by a woman working in the store, and during that run-in one of the suspects ended up shot. That suspect later died. People in the neighborhood saw the other suspected robbers run right by them."

Louisiana homeowner kills suspected burglar: "A homeowner shot and killed a suspected burglar this morning after finding him breaking into a car and a storage shed in his townhouse development. Police said the homeowner tried to hold the burglar at bay until officers arrived, but the burglar tried to attack him. The 49-year-old homeowner was questioned by police and released with no charges filed. The case will be sent to the district attorney for a decision on whether charges should be filed. Killed was Jonathan Sternitzky, 19, who lived on nearby Monet Drive in the same development. The homeowner said he saw the break-ins in progress, got a gun and went outside. He told police he tried to hold Sternitzky until officers got there but Sternitzky tried to attack him. Police said the homeowner fired one shot, hitting Sternitzky in the chest. Police said the mortally wounded man ran around the corner of the building before he collapsed and died.

An Australian absurdity: "A man has been charged after allegedly firing a shot through the front door of his home in southwest Victoria to scare off intruders. Police said the man, 43, fired one shot from a rifle through the front door of the home in McNeil Avenue, Geelong East, about 10pm (AEST) last night. Would-be intruders had allegedly thrown rocks through the front window and cut the home's power supply before trying to jemmy open the front door. They fled after the man, who was inside with a woman and young girl, allegedly fired the shot. Police recovered the rifle and charged the man with conduct endangering life and firearm offences. He has been bailed to appear at the Geelong Magistrates Court on August 9."

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