Friday, June 22, 2007

Florida: Be prepared! "A home invasion suspect was killed and another injured early Thursday when victims scattered during the break-in, found stashed weapons and attacked, according to police. Orange County investigators said at least three people burst into a home located at 2672 Muscatello Street in the Hunter's Creek neighborhood early Thursday, fired a shot into the air and screamed, "We mean business." Deputies said the victims scattered to safe places in the home where they knew that they had weapons stashed and fought back, shooting one man and stabbing another. Officers said the victims seemingly did what they had to do during the crime. "All that we know for sure is that we have one black male suspect that has been shot and killed and one man who's been stabbed and fled the residence," Orange County sheriff's Cmdr. Tom Cockriel said. "(They) defended themselves. That's very possible that's what this turned out to be." One of the victims was hit in the head with a pistol, but no others were injured during the incident."

OH: Woman charged over shooting: "A Cincinnati woman is charged with felonious assault after police said she shot a man who came to her home. In court Wednesday, officials said that Janice Young had a protection order against Eugene Vassar. On Tuesday, officials said, Vassar came to Young's home on Beech Street. At some point, police said, Young pulled out a .38-caliber revolver and fired twice, hitting Vassar both times. She is being held on $10,000 bond." [Comment: Just great. She has a useless protective order against this guy, she defends herself, and SHE gets charged]

The Second Amendment and mental disorders: "Mainstream media made quite a 'thing' of the fact that this legislation was passed with the help of the National Rifle Association. Wayne LaPierre was shown, front and center, on CBS being interviewed about this new legislation which he deemed good for 'law-abiding citizens.' Really? In the aftermath of the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, a move is afoot nationwide to screen every man, woman and child for mental health. Ads abound on television encouraging people to be screened. Articles in parenting magazines advocate mental health screening and prevention to unwitting parents. Mike Wallace tells us to get help for depression, we won't be sorry. "

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