Monday, October 15, 2007

ATF crooks in Seattle

They hate anybody else having guns. Post below lifted from Red's Trading post. See the original for links

The ATF Seattle Field Division, which has relentlessly pursued us, was caught exaggerating about their gang sweep and the 77 arrests made. Although the reporter caught them in their exaggeration, they still have not removed it from their web site.

This is the same office that exaggerated that we Harassed and Intimidated them, despite a really messed up time line. The Judge already noted how they exaggerated our violations by Double Counting them. This is also the same office that:

Exaggerated about Rocket Launchers in Alaska

Exaggerated about a Short Barreled rifle in the Kwan case

Exaggerated about illegal weapons with Survival Enterprises

Exaggerated in revoking the license of a Blind Dealer

Exaggerated in a dealer making serious weapons

Exaggerated in the Ruby Ridge case

Here is the decline of dealers in states within the ATF Seattle jurisdiction from 1994-2005:

Alaska has lost 73% of its dealers

Hawaii has lost 88% of its dealers

Idaho has lost 70% of its dealers

Oregon has lost 70% of its dealers

Washington has lost 84% of its dealers

New York Store Owner Shoots Burglar: "A Schenectady shop owner tells FOX23 News that he confronted and shot a man who he says broke into his store early Sunday morning. Police say the alleged burglar tried to leave the scene of the crime and came face-to-face with the store's owner who was armed with a shotgun. Investigators tell us that 21-year-old John Sayers of Schenectady is recovering at Albany Medical Center on Sunday night. Police say Sayers broke into Funn Electronics on Albany Street in Schenectady some time before 6:00 a.m. on Sunday. The shop owner and his son live above the store. They tell FOX23 News that they heard glass breaking and went to investigate. They say that's when they found Sayers inside the building, armed with a wrench. When the alleged burglar tried to leave, the store owner shot him. Schenectady Police arrived and arrested Sayers who now faces burglary and criminal mischief charges."

Mississippi: Would-Be Robber Shot, Hospitalized: "A would-be robber was hospitalized early Sunday morning after his alleged victim shot him multiple times, Jackson police said. Jerriod Peters knocked on the door of a home on McKee Street at about 5:30 a.m., officers said. But when the homeowner answered, he apparently took the handgun from Peters and shot him. Peters is listed in critical condition at University Medical Center. The homeowner hasn't been charged in the shooting."

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