Saturday, October 27, 2007

OH: Woman on trial for shooting alleged abuser: "A Price Hill woman is on trial charged with shooting her boyfriend in what she says was self defense. Janice Young, allegedly shot her boyfriend, Eugene Vassar in front of her Beech Street home in June. Vassar drove himself to a police station and ran inside for help.Young's attorney claims his client had a restraining order against Vassar and only shot him to protect herself."

ND: Man pulls gun on would-be robber: "A gas delivery driver reported to police that he was confronted early Saturday morning by a man holding a knife when he was at a south Fargo convenience store. The man with the knife, described as standing about 6 feet tall and weighing about 200 pounds, told the driver to empty his pockets. The driver reached toward his jacket pocket and said, 'You brought a knife to a gunfight,' according to the report given to police. At that point, the would-be robber fled quickly on foot."

UK: Replica guns seized from collector: "Armed police swooped on the flat of a 54-year-old replica pistol collector in Battersea. They seized 17 replica guns but police admit the man posed no threat to the community. ... 'This action was taken to pro-actively reduce the threat of firearm incidents in the borough ...' Insp Phelps said after the weapons had been handed over. ... It turned out the 54-year-old had been collecting the gun memorabilia over 20 years and had built up an extensive collection. ...The Met said in a statement that 'although there was no concern that the owner of the collection posed a threat himself, the firearms that had been identified by officers as susceptible to conversion were retained as a precautionary measure' and will be destroyed."

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