Monday, October 01, 2007

MA: Would-be robber flees after store owner shoots: "Armand Tavares, the owner of the A&J Variety Store at the corner of Kendall and Frederick streets, told police that a black man with a Luger-type pistol entered the store Monday at about 9:30 p.m. The robber, who was wearing a hood pulled tight to cover his face, pointed the gun at Tavares and demanded money, police said. Tavares, who is licensed to carry a gun, pulled out his .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun and fired, hitting the ATM in the store. The startled robber ran out of the store unharmed and without any cash, police said."

Pennsylvania: Intruders shot, one fatally: "Two suspected robbers were shot, one of them fatally, during an apparent home invasion on Grover Street in McKeesport last night, police said. Police were called at 10:10 p.m. to a home in the 2900 block of Grover, where a resident resisted an apparent robbery. One suspect was killed, and the other was hospitalized with at least one gunshot wound, police said. The extent of his injuries was not immediately known.

Idaho: Another "battered wife" killing: "The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office is investigating a deadly shooting at a home in Swan Valley between a wife and her husband. Last night, Debra Schultz says she shot her husband once in the chest, claiming it was in self defense. 48-year-old William Schultz died. Detectives are treating it like a homicide until they get all the facts. Court and crime specialist Suzanne Hobbs spoke with law enforcement and with the woman who pulled the trigger. Debra Schultz says throughout her relationship he was physically violent and she never got out, although just last week she did go to a women's shelter in Driggs for help, and just returned home where she had to fight for her life. Tuesday night, Debra says her husband was high on marijuana and drinking. The fight got so bad he grabbed a gun and said he was going to shoot her. She says it was either shoot him or she would be killed. She even considered jumping out of the second story window, but says William stopped her. She didn't want her battered and bruised face to be shown .... Debra Schultz said, "When he came home last night he told me that he was going to kill me and that was after he beat up my face and he said, "I can't let you go now because if the cops see this I'm going to go to prison." And he already has 5 charges in Reno hanging over his head for domestic violence against me."

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