Monday, October 08, 2007

Utah: Man shot in face during jewelry store robbery: "Salt Lake City police are investigating a robbery that left a man with three gunshot wounds, including one to the face. The unidentified victim was transported at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday to LDS Hospital in serious condition with two gunshot wounds to the side and one to the face, said Lt. Rich Brede. Police throughout the Salt Lake Valley were on the lookout for a gray passenger car that fled the shooting at The Mouthpiece Company, located at 40 E. 1300 South. The suspected shooter is described as a black man, about 6 feet 2 inches tall, with red and white shoes. Police were dispatched to a robbery that escalated into a shooting at the business. Authorities believe the suspect entered the store and got into an altercation with the victim. Both men eventually pulled guns and "several" gunshots were fired, Brede said. "There are four holes in the wall within the store," Brede said. Police believe the suspect also may have been wounded in the exchange. Investigators recovered a handgun and several spent bullet casings, Brede said. The business's motto, etched in lettering on a window, advises customers to "Give them something to talk about." The store specializes in watches, chains, pendants, bracelets, rings and custom grills - jewelry worn over one's teeth."

Florida police seek leads in shoot out: "In exclusive video obtained by FOX 13, you see a man in dark clothing and a hat, walk up to the counter, wave a gun, and demand cash from store clerk Nasief Oudeh. In the video, Nasief is helping a customer when suddenly he's starring into the barrel of a gun. "By the time I turned my back to the customer I saw a suspect come in with a .38 gun waving it at me and said open the cash register. So I said 'okay calm down let me give you the cash,' " said Nasief. The gunman cleans out one register and then demands cash from the second one. As the armed suspect bolts out the door, Nasief's cousin fires one shot. Nasief also fires shots as he runs out of the store, but the armed robber gets away. Tampa police investigators are now looking at surveillance video and trying to figure out how many shots were fired, and by whom. "Certainly it had the possibility of being a lot worse, and we're certainly hoping to be able to find this person and get them off the street before somebody does get hurt, " said Corporal Jared Douds with the Tampa Police Department."

Florida: Pit-bulls kill owner: "Tina Marie Canterbury, 42, went to tend to the dogs in the back yard of her Cosmos Road home about 8:30 a.m. when the 2-year-old redbone pit-bull terriers started to attack, according to Clay County Sheriff's Office reports. Both of the animals were the woman's pets, authorities said. One of Canterbury's sons went outside and tried to save her and the dogs attacked him, biting him on the throat. He was not seriously injured, authorities said. One of the son's friends shot one of the dogs and the other ran away. Canterbury suffered massive bites to the upper part of her body and died before help could arrive, according to a Sheriff's Office report. When deputies arrived, the dog that had been shot was still alive and lunged at the responding deputy. He shot and killed the animal, authorities said. The second dog was found a short time later and fatally shot. There had been no previous reports of problems with the animals, authorities said."

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