Thursday, December 20, 2007

Florida: Armed intruder killed by armed resident: "A man was shot to death Tuesday night outside a home on Pheasant Drive after a gun battle with a resident of the home, authorities said. Deputies were called to the home at 43 Pheasant Drive shortly before 7 p.m., Chief Deputy Rick Look said. They found what appeared to be a case of self-defense initiated after the man entered the home "uninvited," Look said. The two residents, a man and woman whose names were not released, told investigators the man entered their home through the unlocked front door. The male resident "grabbed a gun and fired it at the intruder," Look said. The intruder ran out the front door, turned around and fired a gun at the residents, Look said they told investigators. The male resident returned fire, Look said. Investigators aren't sure which shot was the one that killed the man, causing him to fall outside the home. Look said they can't be certain until further investigation but investigators don't think the event was random."

Florida teen shot: "Not long after Niceville resident Harold Crown fired a handgun at three would-be burglars, a teenager turned up at Twin Cities Hospital with a bullet wound to his torso. Coincidence? The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office thinks not. Crown, 64, told authorities someone knocked on his door at about 10 p.m., Tuesday and when he opened it two men wearing hooded sweatshirts and ski masks “rushed in and knocked him down,” a Sheriff’s Office news release said. The 23rd Street resident said a third man followed the first two into the house and began beating and kicking him. “Crown grabbed a .45 caliber handgun from a shelf of a bookcase and a struggle ensued over the gun,” the news release said. The homeowner told deputies he fired once and didn’t hit anything. He fired a second time, the release said, “but wasn’t sure if anyone was struck.” Crown’s assailants fled the scene after the second shot was fired. He went to a neighbor’s house and called 911, the release said. “A short time” after the incident a 19-year-old arrived at Niceville’s Twin Cities Hospital wounded from a gunshot to the torso, the release said. He was treated and transferred to West Florida Hospital. The Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the aborted robbery, the release said. Spokeswoman Michele Nicholson said charges could be filed against the unidentified teen when he is released from the hospital."

Georgia home invader killed: "Authorities in Baldwin County are investigating an attempted home invasion and robbery today, after a man was shot and killed while trying to rob a family. It happened at a home on Lakemere Lane in the Oaks at Willow Lake subdivision. According to Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee, a homeowner went outside last night around 8:30pm and was attacked by two men. The homeowner was shot in the hand and pushed inside his home; he was held at gunpoint, and his wife was held at knife point. Another relative was able to get out of the home and alerted the homeonwner's son, his parents were being attacked and robbed. The son arrived at the home with a gun, and shot and killed 27-year old Alonzo Mosley of Milledgeville. Mosley was pronounced dead at the scene. This remains an ongoing investigation. Sheriff Massee says he does not believe this was a random robbery. No charges will be brought against the victim's son for shooting Mosley. The sheriff says he feels like his actions were justified and necessary, adding "he did exactly what he should have done to protect his family".

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