Monday, December 10, 2007

Illinois: Fatal shooting over girlfriend was self-defense: "A Country Club Hills teenager was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed another teen after being punched during a confrontation, a Cook County judge ruled Friday. Dorian Jackson, 19, was not the aggressor and was protecting himself when he fatally shot Quinton Corbett after a dispute over a girl in Ford Heights, said Associate Judge Robert Clifford. Corbett was 18 at the time, and the two teens were quarreling over Corbett's ex-girlfriend and his child's mother, officials said. Clifford's ruling came after three days of testimony. Jackson took the stand Friday, saying that during the confrontation on Oct. 24, 2005, he feared for his life. He said Corbett had confronted him earlier that day at his job, pulled out a gun and threatened his life. When he saw him again that night, Jackson said he was afraid Corbett would shoot him, so he shot first. Corbett was shot four times and died three weeks later. Much of the trial focused on whether he was carrying a gun the day he confronted Jackson. Jackson's attorneys argued that he had been stalked all day by Corbett. Their witnesses said Corbett was known to carry a gun and have a bad temper and had a reputation for violence. Witnesses said on the day of the shooting, Corbett had attacked his ex-girlfriend and beat her for dating Jackson."

Florida Man Turns On Would-Be Robbers, Kills One: "Four robbers get more than they bargain for when they target an elderly Hialeah Gardens man. Police said he shot and killed one of them while he was being attacked. Police said 74-year-old, Jorge Leonton was not aware he was being followed from the bank to his home along Northwest 91st Avenue and 119th Street..... when he arrived home, and got out of his car police said one of the thugs put him in a chokehold position and demanded money he had just withdrawn from the ATM. "He came to me with such great force, he was so violent and started to choke me," said Jorge Leonton. He said he told the robber to let go, Leonton has a conceal weapon permit. "I took out my gun and told him, let me go or I'm going to shoot you, because I have a heart condition," said Leonton. "I can't breath, you can't grab me by the neck, because I'll die, I told him that 3 times." The alleged robber refused to let go and Leonton shot him in a torso. "My vision became blurry and that's when I shot him," said Leonton. The other three crooks drove away. Jorge told CBS4's Shomari Stone he didn't want to shoot him, but he had to because his life was in jeopardy. "It's bad I didn't want to shoot a human being, he is a human being regardless." Paramedics lifted the wounded suspect to Ryder Trauma Center where he later died."

Alabama burglar shot: "A burglary suspect was shot and killed Saturday night during an attempted home invasion just outside Cowarts, and a second suspect is in custody. Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said the homeowner dialed 911 at 7:41 p.m. reporting two men had broken into his house, located just east of the intersection of Forrester Road and U.S. 84 East, across the road from Ace Hardware. The homeowner has been identified as Pete T. Webb. "The homeowner was inside the residence," said Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes. "Two black males burglarized the residence and he confronted both of them. The homeowner had a handgun and he ordered both men to the floor." Hughes said one of the suspects got up from the floor and charged the homeowner. "One shot was fired by the homeowner," Hughes said. The suspects then ran from the house. One was captured by authorities and the other was found lying about 100 yards from the house. He died at the scene in a lot where Grandview Baptist Church is being constructed."


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