Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ohio: Homeowner shoots at intruders: "Springfield police continue to investigate a burglary that occurred on Thrasher Street Wednesday night in which a homeowner fired shots at two intruders. A resident of a home in the 900 block of Thrasher Street said he came home at about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and saw intruders moving around inside his home, according to a police report. The man took a gun out of his truck and ran toward the house when one of the burglars ran out the front door and toward the back yard, according to the report. Another intruder appeared in the back yard, and that's when the man said he fired two shots. One of the burglars fell after the shots were fired, but then got up and ran. Both of the intruders jumped a fence and fled the scene, according to the report. Springfield Police Division Captain Mike Hill said investigators "have not established" whether the intruder was shot or injured, and no arrests have been made."

Ohio Man Found Not Guilty In Girlfriend's Death: "A jury has acquitted a Middletown man accused of killing his live-in girlfriend. Sixty-year-old Charles Frost was charged with murder in the May 11 death of 47-year-old Deborah Dockery. Frost told a jury he and Dockery had been drinking and arguing when she came at him with a knife in their Helton Drive home. Frost said he shot her twice in self defense, and the jury believed him and returned not guilty verdicts on all counts after nine hours of deliberation."

EU crackdown on replica guns: "Replica guns that can be converted into weapons will become as hard to buy as firearms under a Brussels crackdown. Although illegal in Britain, convertible replicas are available widely across the Continent with none of the identity checks required for genuine guns. The change in the law was pushed through by Arlene McCarthy, a Labour MEP, after Manchester police disclosed that nearly half of the weapons that they seized last year had been bought in continental countries, including Germany and the Baltic states, and converted to fire bullets in Britain. All 27 EU states will have two years to adopt a range of measures agreed by the European Parliament. They include an EU computer database that will contain details of all lawfully held weapons in all 27 countries by 2014 and a new weapons-labelling system"

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