Thursday, December 06, 2007

North Carolina: Neighbor defended with gun: "According to the 911 call, the man heard his neighbors being attacked, ran outside with a rifle and fired a shot at the suspect. As deputies arrived on scene, the 911 dispatcher wanted to make sure officers didn't confuse the neighbor for the robber. The 911 operator said, "Tell your husband he needs to secure the weapon, meaning, he needs to put it on the kitchen table and he needs to stand at the front door with you with his hands up in the air so when the officers get there so they know he is not a threat." Investigators don't think the neighbor shot the suspect. The suspect is described as a black male between 20 and 30 years old, about five-foot-ten to six feet tall, wearing a brown shirt and camouflaged pants. Investigators say around 10:15 Monday night a masked man broke into a house on Seaview Road off Myrtle Grove Road and attacked the two women who live there with a stun gun. One of the women regained her composure and was able to run to a neighbor for help.

Texas: Teen thieves shot at while burglarizing home: "One teen was shot in the hip and another is on the run after a burglary attempt from a house being renovated. The shooting occurred Tuesday shortly after 1 a.m. in the 200 block of Early Trail. According to police, the contractor had employees staying inside the house after thieves had targeted the home. The employee involved in the shooting told police he heard someone breaking into the home and shot at the pair because he thought they were armed. The injured teen was transported to University Hospital and is expected to be okay. Police say they know the identity of the other burglar and it is just a matter of catching him. Both teens face burglary charges. No charges are expected to file against the employee."

NY: Gun reward hot line under way in city: "The Utica police announced the start of a gun reward program called Stop the Violence. The program's purpose is to establish a gun-reward hot line that encourages community participation in the effort to deter gun violence, police said. Police will give a $500 reward to anyone who provides police with information that leads to the arrest of a person in possession of an illegal firearm."

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