Saturday, March 22, 2008

Georgia man's killing of intruder justified: "Eighty-one-year-old Robert Jenkins said he loaded his wife's handgun and tried to scare off a burglar in his Tucker home, but he fired when the intruder rushed him, according to a family friend. DeKalb police said the shooting was justified, and Jenkins will not be charged in the death of the suspect, a man possibly in his 20s who had not been identified Wednesday. "He defended his home, defended his wife," police spokesman J.T. Ware said. "He did what everybody would hope to do in a situation like that." Jenkins was being treated at a hospital Wednesday for a minor gunshot wound. His 78-year-old wife was unharmed. About 11 p.m. Tuesday, Jenkins was roused from bed by noises in his red brick home on Zemory Drive near the I-285 interchange at Lawrenceville Highway. He got his wife's gun and confronted a man in the kitchen. The intruder lunged at him. Police said the two men struggled before Jenkins fired."

NC: Home invasion victim shoots, kills suspects: " Police say two [black] suspects are dead after an attempted home invasion. Catawba County sheriff’s deputies say two men dressed in black and carrying pistols forced their way into a home on 33rd Avenue in Hickory around 11:00 last night. According to a sheriff’s official, the homeowner was armed with his own gun, and shot the suspects. Both suspects were pronounced dead at the scene. Major Coy Reid with the sheriff’s office said both men were wearing masks and latex gloves."

Empty holster rallies planned on campuses: "A number of so-called empty holster rallies are being planned next month at college campuses around the country. The gatherings are planned to protest licensed and trained gun holders not being able to carry guns on campuses. Some of those holsters are to be collected and-or donated by a Green Bay company. It is T-G-S-Com Incorporated, which runs more than 100 gun and sporting goods Web sites. That's the same firm that sold a gun to the campus shooter at Virginia Tech and some accessories to the Northern Illinois shooter. Eric Thompson of T-G-S-COM says -- and we quote -- 'These killers are going into their classrooms and lecture halls with the full intention to kill as many people as possible and the full intention of killing themselves before the police can get there. And they're doing it in minutes. And no matter how good the law enforcement is, they're still late.'"

Heller Case Goes Better Than Expected: "The bottom line is, I think we're going to be OK. When Justice Kennedy flat out said he believes in an individual right under the Second Amendment, there were no gasps in the hush of the High Court, but you could tell the greatest stellar array of gun-rights experts ever assembled, all there in that one room, breathed a sigh of relief -- we had five votes to affirm the human and civil right to arms. The transcript will be a key for analysis going forward until June, when the decision is expected, and I'm working without the benefit of that at the moment. Digesting the fleeting and immensely complex speech that took place for one hour and thirty-eight minutes a few hours ago, it's hard to see how any line of thought could be strung together to support the idea that the D.C. total ban on operable firearms at home can be seen as reasonable regulation, even though Mr. Dellinger, the city's attorney, tried to suggest it was. He was shot down on this repeatedly, found no quarter from any of the Justices, though several found room to move on what amounts to reasonable restrictions."

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