Thursday, March 20, 2008

Indiana: Two trespassers wounded : "Two Scott County men are recovering from gunshot wounds at University Hospital in Louisville after they were wounded last night on the property of a modular home dealership in Austin. Malcolm Abner, 28, and Michael West, 33, are listed in fair condition today. Scott County Sheriff John Lizenby said 32-year-old Chester Stacey told officers that he shot the men when they came at him as he investigated what he thought were people stealing things at Countryside Mobile Homes at 2771 E Ind. 256 in Austin. Stacey is the son of Countryside owner Grover Stacey. Lizenby said a Scott County officer who had been called to the scene to investigate possible trespassers was talking to the elder Stacey when they heard voices and then heard gunshots in a field on the property. Officer Joe Johnson found the younger Stacey holding a 9-mm automatic handgun with Abner down in front of him. West later came out of the field and told an Indiana state trooper that he’d been shot. Lizenby said this morning that no one has been charged but the investigation is continuing. He said officers are searching for two other men that Chester Stacey said were also in the field."

New York Resident Shoots at Suspects: "A resident of Elmont shot at two suspects who broke into his residence in an attempted burglary. According to police, at approximately 1:25 a.m. on Feb. 28, two male suspects kicked open the side door of a Post Avenue home and ordered the 36-year-old male resident not to move. Police said the suspects then removed cash that was on a piece of furniture in the living room. Police said the resident was a licensed pistol permit holder and produced a handgun. The resident then chased after the suspects, firing one shot, police said. It is not known whether one of the suspects was struck. One of the suspects is described as a black male, wearing a black, puffy jacket and a dark skullcap."

SAF: DC gun search exercise in "police state demagoguery": "A plan to conduct 'consent searches' for guns in District of Columbia residences is 'an outrageous exercise of police state demagoguery,' the Second Amendment Foundation said today. SAF founder Alan Gottlieb condemned the plan as 'a public relations effort designed to influence, through crass dramatics, Tuesday's scheduled oral arguments on the constitutionality of the District's handgun ban before the Supreme Court.'"

KY: Judge says non-citizens can have guns: "A federal judge has stopped enforcement of a Kentucky law barring non-citizens from carrying concealed deadly weapons. U.S. District Judge Thomas Russell said the law is written too broadly and violates the rights of attorney Alexander M. Say, a British national who has lived in Kentucky for 15 years. ... The [ACLU] sued the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and Kentucky State Police on behalf of Say. The ACLU challenged the citizenship requirement, saying Kentucky lawmakers should not have passed the law. ... Say argued that no federal law requires U.S. citizenship for people to be licensed to purchase, carry, transport or carry a concealed deadly weapon, and neither should state law."


Anonymous said...

The ACLU suing FOR someone to have a gun?

Thats a "flying pigs" moment.

jmc said...

Oh, guess what. We can stop referring to this institution known as the "brain dead left," especially since much of the progressive community, e.g., the "left," is now "packing," that is, voting to preserve and extend gun rights. Among their number is ex Reagan Dimocrat Sen Jim Webb [VA] [and ex Marine in Nam], who has been reported as carrying while in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [NV], farmer and hunter Jon Tester [MT], the current and former governors of Virginia, the governor of Tennessee; and various Dimocratic governors and senators from all over the South and West, Richardson of NM, for example, are 2nd Amendment supporters.

A large number of Dims have wised up to the 2nd Amendment, and the electorate is wising up to the Republicons, who haven't done anything for us, that is, we who work for a living, for 35 years. Our standard of living, on average, for the average person, has not increased during that time; even though the GDP of the country has increased on a massive scale, most of that money has gone to the upper economic 1%, the corporation shareholders, who also collect 20% of the GDP every year, leaving the rest of us to "earn" the 80% that's left. The One Percenters also own about 40% of the country's wealth, not quite what the Tsar owned personally in prerevolutionary Russia [51%], but they're getting there: and a Bravo for Paris Hilton; at least she works.

Don't expect either Obama or Hillary to do anything significant with current gun laws except enforce them because there is now simply too much pro 2nd Amendment feeling among Dimocrats, brought about largely by the defection of many gun owners from the voting booth and in many cases over to the Republicons. The Dimocrats' previous party chairman made the statement that gun control is now a "third rail" issue, touch it and you get electrocuted, at the ballot box. Current DNC Chairman Howard Dean's position is that Vermont, where he was governor, didn't need gun control, so why would national gun laws be necessary. So we now have a lot more influence in the Dimocratic Party than we had five or ten years ago.

We supporters of the 2nd Amendment, progressives or otherwise, must continue to pressure Dimocrats to maintain their present stance and to make gun crime control the issue, not gun control. Licensing of all drivers didn't stop John Dillinger from driving a hot Ford V-8 to escape the scenes of his crimes, neither will gun control stop gun crime. The efforts of President Clinton in this regard, passing legislation as he did to put 100,000 more police officers on the streets of our major cities effectively reduced crimes of all types.

Crime control stops crime.

Take a look here for further discussion of Dims getting smarter on this issue, from three years ago, and in "The Nation," as progressive as you can get: