Thursday, March 06, 2008

North Carolina: Habitual black criminal shot dead: "A Charlotte family is grieving after they say their loved one was shot to death by a man he was trying to rob. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police responded to an armed robbery call at the Cricket cell phone store at the Catawba Village shopping center on Mount Holly – Huntersville Road Saturday night. There, they found a man shot. Medic declared that man dead on the scene, and the only other person in the store was the store’s manager, who wasn’t hurt. Family members identified the dead man as 54-year-old James Henry Brewer. ... Givens told WCNC Sunday that she knows what her son went into the store to do. “The police told my grandson he had a mask and a gun when he went in there,” said Givens. She knows it’s not the first time he’s had trouble with the law. A North Carolina Department of Corrections website shows James Henry Brewer has a record back to a kidnapping conviction in 1974, when he was 19."

Indiana baldy shot by guard: "A man suspected of shoplifting hair-growth formula from a drug store was shot and wounded by a truck stop security guard following a high-speed chase in northwest Indiana. Police say 36-year-old Michael A. Holmes of Markham, Ill., faces several charges when he is released from the hospital. Police say Holmes had a woman and three children in his car Monday night as he led police on a chase at speeds of up to 100 mph from Chesterton to Gary. Holmes fled on foot after crashing the car. A security guard at the Dunes Truck Stop says he shot Holmes in the abdomen when Holmes reached for his gun."

Wyoming Senate passes "castle doctrine" bill after debate: "The Wyoming State Senate today (Monday) gave preliminary approval to a bill that would specify people wouldn't have to retreat before using deadly force to repeal a criminal attack. The bill also would specify that a person who uses deadly force against an intruder who enters their home could not be found liable for civil damages. The Senate passed the so-called "castle doctrine" bill on its first reading by a vote of 20-9. But some senators who voted in favor of moving it along in the process say it needs to be amended when it comes up again tomorrow (Tuesday). Supporters of the bill say Wyoming needs to spell out that citizens have the right to self-defense. They say the principle goes back to the English common-law saying that "a man's home is his castle."

Arizona Weighs Bill to Allow Guns on Campuses: "Horrified by recent campus shootings, a state lawmaker here has come up with a proposal in keeping with the Taurus .22-caliber pistol tucked in her purse: Get more guns on campus. The lawmaker, State Senator Karen S. Johnson, has sponsored a bill, which the Senate Judiciary Committee approved last week, that would allow people with a concealed weapons permit - limited to those 21 and older here - to carry their firearms at public colleges and universities. Concealed weapons are generally not permitted at most public establishments, including colleges. Ms. Johnson, a Republican from Mesa, said she believed that the recent carnage at Northern Illinois University could have been prevented or limited if an armed student or professor had intercepted the gunman. The police, she said, respond too slowly to such incidents and, besides, who better than the people staring down the barrel to take action?"

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