Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chicago area barber shoots robber: "On Nov. 6 at about 11:40 a.m., Calumet City police responded to reports of a person shot at 524 155th Pl. Police arrived to find Kelly suffering from a gunshot wound to the back. He was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn for treatment, according to a release from police. As police were responding, they also received a report of an armed robbery at Marvelous Cuts Barber Shop at 804 Burnham in Calumet City. The victim told police a male subject came in for a hair cut and afterwards pulled a gun and demanded the victim's jewelry and money. The robber told the victim --reportedly the shop owner -- to place the items in a plastic bag and the victim complied, police said. As the victim handed the suspect the bag he grabbed his own weapon, but the suspect fired at him. The victim then shot at the suspect, who fled northbound on Burnham. The victim told police he believed he shot the suspect.

Son Shoots Ex-Stepdad To Protect Her, Kansas Mom Says: "A teen took aim with a gun, his mother said, but it was the shooting victim who was in trouble with the law Friday night. The teenager's mother, who was caught in the middle, said her son pulled the trigger and shot her ex-husband to save her. The woman's 16-year-old son shot her ex-husband Friday morning on the front lawn of their Leavenworth home, but she said he did it to protect her. "He started ranting and raving, and I told him he needed to leave and go home, and he got mad," the woman said. The woman said her ex-husband had been abusive many times before, so she divorced him two years ago. But at 2:30 a.m., he suddenly barged into her home. She said he pulled out a knife and dragged her into the front yard, and that was when she said her son grabbed a gun from the house and pulled the trigger, hitting his ex-stepfather in the stomach. "He's a very quiet kid, and he's not the type to do anything like that, but he had had enough," she said. Her wounded ex-husband jumped into his truck. Instead of heading to either of the two hospitals in Leavenworth, he drove himself all the way to Kansas City, Kan., to Providence Medical Center, where police said he lied about what happened. Police said the teen was not arrested. He will likely not face any charges because what he did was in self-defense to protect himself and his mother. In the meantime, the ex-husband is recovering in the hospital. From there, he will be moved to the jail to face possible charges of burglary, kidnapping and assault."

Court Rules Cops Can Carry Guns . Nationwide!: "A ruling on a case from South Dakota - where off-duty law enforcement officers were criminally charged for carrying guns despite the authority to do so under the federal `Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act of 2004? (LEOSA) - has confirmed that all qualified off-duty and retired law enforcement are allowed, by federal law, to carry a concealed gun for personal self-defense irrespective of state law. The federal law supersedes the crazy, confusing and often conflicted state and local laws that limit legitimate self-defense. Law Enforcement Alliance of America's Executive Director, Jim Fotis said, "When LEAA co-authored the original draft of what became affectionately known as `National Cop Carry' back in the early 1990's, I knew it would save cops' lives and give those who choose to resist violent criminals a fighting chance. In 2004 I shook President Bush's hand after he signed our bill into law and rejoiced that our fight - for more than a decade - was finally over!"

Seattle Mayor's Plan Disregards State Law: "A draft proposal issued Friday by Mayor Greg Nickels outlining his scheme to ignore state statute and state legislative authority over firearms regulation amounts to a slap in the face against more than 250,000 Washington state residents, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said in response. "We're going to review this draft proposal line by line," said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, "but even a cursory glance at the document released Friday by Mayor Nickels shows that he has chosen to arrogantly ignore the State Attorney General's opinion. State statute clearly limits municipal authority, and the Nickels plan suggests he is attempting to be a little too clever in trying an end-run around the law. "If Nickels pushes ahead with this scheme," he added, "there will be two kinds of criminals in Seattle, thugs and those who win elections. Both seem to believe it's just fine to ignore the law by playing the system".

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