Friday, November 07, 2008

TX:Suspected robber shot: "A Bryan man is in jail after police say he was shot in the arm by someone he was trying to rob. College Station police say, Wednesday night, five people were in a home on the 3500 block of Wild Plum when three suspected armed robbers broke inside the home. Officers say those suspects ordered the people in the house on the floor and took their personal property. According to witnesses the suspects left the scene. Officers say that's when the victims locked the door. Police say the suspects returned and busted into the home. Officers say two people were hiding in the bedroom and when one of the suspects fired a gun, one of the victims returned fire hitting one suspect in the arm. That suspect, 20-year-old Cardell Anthony Jackson was arrested after a 911 call was made about his gun shot wound and he was treated at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. He's charged with nine counts of aggravated robbery and one count of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit a felony."

Montana man shoots griz in self defense: "The latest incident came Oct. 27 when hunter Shawn Damschen of Coram encountered a sow grizzly with cubs while hunting near Marias Pass. He was cow elk calling when he heard a crashing through the woods and saw three grizzly bears, two young and a sow, coming at him. Damschen yelled and the two younger bears ran off but the sow lowered her head and charged. Damschen fired two shots from his rifle at approximately 10 feet and knocked the bear down. After he shot the bear, Damschen was joined by a hunting companion, who heard Damschen yelling. The two immediately hiked out and used a cell phone to call Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Warden Perry Brown and reported the incident. Upon investigating the scene the wardens found the shooting to be consistent with self-defense. FWP biologists believe the two bears that ran off were more than likely 2-year-olds and should have a good chance of survival. Normally grizzly bear cubs stay with the sow for two years and separate on their own in the spring."

GA teen, suspect killed in robbery attempt: "Clayton County police say three people were shot during a robbery attempt that left a teenage girl and a suspect dead. The shootings occurred Tuesday night in Riverdale. Clayton Co. Police Lt. Rebecca Brown said a man wearing a bandanna on his face fired into a car killing 16-year-old Rikia Ross of Riverdale. An unnamed 15-year-old girl was shot in the hand. Brown said the gunman, 34-year-old LaShawn Minor of Atlanta, was shot and killed by a man inside the vehicle. Police would not identify the man who shot the suspect. No charges were filed because the shooting was ruled self-defense."

OK jury acquits animal control officer who shot dog : "A Washington County jury has acquitted a Copan animal control officer who was charged with animal cruelty in March 2007 after she shot a dog with a .22-caliber rifle. The jury last week found Carlotta Gail Evans, 57, not guilty of the charge filed in Washington County District Court following an incident in which she shot a dog that was chasing her vehicle in the municipal limits. The dog was treated by Bartlesville veterinarian who amputated one leg. The shooting occurred shortly after Evans had gone to the home of Justin and Jessica Shaffer to warn them that their dog had been accused of chasing children. When Evans drove away from the home, the dog chased her vehicle. She got out of the vehicle and fired at the pet. Evans said during the trial she acted in self defense. Copan, which has a population of 794 and is located just south of the Kansas border, has an ordinance stating the control officer is authorized to destroy animals considered stray, a nuisance or vicious."

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