Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FL Man Defends Home From Two Robbers : "A Tampa man turned the tables on two home invaders, killing one and sending the other fleeing for his life. 21-year-old Anthony Velez was at his home at the Tusancy Apartments on W. Hillsborough Avenue when two Hispanic males came in, tied him up and robbed him. According to Tampa Police spokesman Laura McElroy, the suspect, fearing he would be killed by the invaders, managed to break his bonds and wrestle a gun away from one of the suspects. Velez shot one suspect, while the other managed to flee the scene. The shot suspect was later pronounced dead at the scene. Velez suffered only minor injuries in the attack."

FL: Big tow yard shooting ends with gunman down: "A man wielding a semiautomatic assault rifle went on a rampage at a tow yard Wednesday morning, wounding two employees and firing at a sheriff's deputy before the deputy shot him down in a brief gunfight, authorities said. Edward F. Voltz Jr., 51, of suburban West Palm Beach twice drove to Lake Park Towing, at 803 13th St., to confront employees.... Hedrick and her boss, Kathryn Gadoury, were wounded as they tried to flee the gunman, who squeezed off shots without saying a word, sheriff's officials said. Both women were taken to nearby St. Mary's Medical Center, where Gadoury, 53, was treated for a gunshot wound to the hip. Hedrick was shot through the elbow. Both women were released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon. Voltz, riddled with bullets after a gunfight with a sheriff's deputy, also was taken to St. Mary's. He underwent emergency surgery and was expected to survive, sheriff's officials said. When Voltz started shooting, Hedrick said, she huddled under a desk with Gadoury, a truck driver and another employee. Employees dialed 911 as the company truck driver retrieved a handgun. He fired at Voltz, Bradshaw said, but it wasn't clear whether any of those shots hit the gunman. As Voltz walked back to his blue Chevrolet Suburban sport utility vehicle, the deputy drove up, Chisholm said. When the shooting stopped, Chisholm said, she looked up to see Voltz on the ground, the deputy standing over him."

Gibsonville, NC: Bring back squirrel shooting law: "Nearly a year after the town outlawed the use of firearms against squirrels, the crafty critters gnawed their way back into discussion at Town Hall. At least one resident told the Board of Aldermen that the town's law infringes on his Constitutional right to bear arms and defend his property. In February, the board removed the police chief's authority to issue pest control firearm permits within city limits. At that time, Chief Mike Woznick asked the board to scrap the pest control permits, calling them dangerous and in conflict with state and local gun and hunting laws. But on Monday, Bobby Webster said he'd lost $600 in pecans to the voracious rodents this fall. He said he needs to be able to use a gun to kill the squirrels in his yard. Last month, just as the nuts were ripening on two trees at his Apple Street home, the squirrels began their annual raid, scaling power lines from around the neighborhood and leaping from trees in neighboring yards to steal his crop. In three weeks, they'd stripped his trees."

OH: Stopping active killers: "There have been so many school shootings over the last 40 years that researchers have been able to develop a profile of the typical mass murderer. .The other statistic that emerged from a study of active killers is that they almost exclusively seek out `gun free' zones for their attacks. .Now tacticians believe the signs themselves may be an invitation to the active killers. The psychological profile of a mass murderer indicates he is looking to inflict the most casualties as quickly as possible. Also, the data show most active killers have no intention of surviving the event.They may select schools and shopping malls because of the large number of defenseless victims and the virtual guarantee no on the scene one is armed. As soon as they're confronted by any armed resistance, the shooters typically turn the gun on themselves."

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