Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FL: Another robber shoots himself: "Kody Michael Foehner, 25, and his girlfriend, Catherine N. Cartony, 20, were in the house just before 10 p.m. when they let in an acquaintance, Phillip Shaarief Perkins, 21, of Port Charlotte. Perkins was with four other men [see above], all carrying pistols, stun guns or shotguns, authorities said. The men yelled, "Where's the money?" and demanded that Cartony open a bedroom safe, which she could not. They assaulted Foehner. One man, Arien J. Mayo, shot the couple's dog and then grabbed the shotgun by the barrel to hit Foehner in the head. The gun went off, wounding Mayo in the femoral artery, authorities said. The suspects took off, carrying Mayo and snatching Cartony's purse -- with $6 inside. The getaway ride lasted about six minutes. A state trooper spotted their Toyota Camry speeding on Hillsborough Boulevard, and the suspects ran off the road near Prineville Street and Jefferson Boulevard. Four jumped out of the car, leaving Mayo, 19, of North Port to die. The remaining suspects fared no better on foot. The four men jumped into the Pellam Waterway, but only three emerged. Nine days later, a couple on Ravenswood Boulevard noticed buzzards flying over Perkins' body".

MO: St. Louis police board nixes gun buyback program : "The Board of Police Commissioners on Wednesday shot down Chief Daniel Isom's request to fund a repeat of last year's gun buyback that took more than 500 firearms off the street . board President Chris Goodson said he was against the idea because last year's buyback didn't prevent this year's rising murder rate. `I'm trying to understand what the benefit is,' he told Isom. `If it's to reduce crime, it doesn't seem to have an effect.' Board member Vincent J. Bommarito agreed. `I think it's a waste of money,' he said

Georgia: Board rejects pupil appeal in gun case : "Columbia County school board members rejected the appeal of an Evans High School student suspended for bringing a gun on campus, according to a summary report released Wednesday. Wes Ivie, a 16-year-old junior and star lineman on the school's undefeated football team, had been serving an in-school suspension during his appeal. He must now attend the alternative school for the rest of the semester before returning to Evans High, according to a written summary of the board's Tuesday night decision. The teen said he had forgotten that he'd left a hunting rifle in his vehicle after a weekend trip, according to both his mother, Anita Ivie, and a police report. When he saw police at the school conducting a random search Oct. 24 he reported the gun at the school office and was not charged. "It was clear to the investigating officer that this was a mistake and no criminal intent existed," Columbia County sheriff's Capt. Steve Morris said."

WI: Organization hopes for campus handgun rights : "Student groups supporting the right to carry concealed weapons on campus are preparing to push for legislation in their favor when state governments reconvene in January.David Burnett, board member at large for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, said in an e-mail Friday the goal of the organization is to ensure holders of concealed handgun permits can enjoy the same rights on college campuses that current laws afford them virtually everywhere else."

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