Sunday, November 15, 2009

FL: Apparent home invader shot to death by homeowner: "A 25-year-old man was shot to death on Orlando’s west side while apparently trying to break into a home….. He was found outside the front door of 5369 Botany Court, near Kirkman Road, around 7:30 Wednesday night.The Orlando Police Department has not provided any details other than that they’re working a death investigation. The homeowner’s mother said her daughter heard three men trying to break into the house and opened fire. The other two suspects ran away.”

Man protests Seattle gun ban at community center: "Bob Warden alerted everyone that he was going to take his legal, concealed, and holstered Glock into the Southwest Community Center at noon. "Public officials who choose to completely go against the law should not be able to get away with it," he said. Warden was protesting the recent executive order by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels to ban the possession of firearms at designated city facilities and parks. It was reaction to the shooting at Seattle's Folklife Festival last year. The state Attorney General's Office says it doesn't believe the city has the legal right to make such an order. "Some people are going to look at this as if the city of Seattle has a big sue me sign on it," said Dan Sytman of the Attorney General's office. The one-man protest was over in a minute. But Warden says it now lays the groundwork to continue to fight the issue. "I now have the legal standing to file suit to challenging the rule," he said. He says that's because he was personally turned away, unlike the plaintiffs in another case. "We're absolutely prepared for the challenge," said Nickels spokesman, Alex Fryer."

Guns or butter: "Some 15,000 Americans died last year because they didn’t have it. As many as five million more experienced a significant reduction in their quality of life, including mental and emotional trauma as well as diminished health, without it. Although large majorities of those Americans fortunate enough to have it are satisfied with what they have, many of the poor who need it most desperately simply cannot afford it. The government already exercises a great deal of control over it. Lives could be saved if we made its purchase mandatory, and subsidized those of limited means, to make ownership universal.No, not health care. Guns.”

‘To disarm the people’: "The title to this commentary was drawn from a 1788 quote by one of our founders, George Mason. Although his quote is more than two hundred years old, it remains as current now as it was then.Some things have simply not changed. Those regimes seeking to assert and maintain absolute control over the citizenry will always try to disarm them first … Without exception, an unarmed citizenry is one that can be effectively bullied and coerced and are readily controlled by the government.”By comparison, a well armed citizenry is an ominous threat to any police or military force who would seek to exert control over them. It is for this reason that our founding fathers introduced the Second Amendment into the U.S. Constitution.”

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