Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TN: Attorney Says Killing Was Self-Defense: "Attorney Matt Brown said Monday a fatal shooting at Riverside Park on Nov. 5 was a case of self-defense, noting that Edward Jackson III was being beaten by two other men. Antonio Green was fatally shot at the park on Queens Drive off Amnicola Highway. Artie Watson, who was with Green, is charged with attempted aggravated robbery. Darryl Williams said he drove his 1993 Suburban to the park and Jackson pulled up a short time later and got into his vehicle. He said they were talking when Green and Watson walked up. He said he was watching a nearby basketball game and not paying much attention as the two men argued with Jackson. He said Green then began punching Jackson in the face and dragged him out of the vehicle. He said Green got Jackson on the ground and began kicking him. He said when Jackson was pulled out of the vehicle he heard a gun he had with him fall out. Williams said he heard someone say, "He's got a gun," and he said all three of the men went for the weapon and Jackson got it. He said he was getting ready to go try to break up the fight when he heard shots fired... Detective Karl Fields said he went to Erlanger Hospital and found that Green had died from a shot to the chest. He said he then went to Parkridge Hospital, where Jackson was taken. He said he had large knots on his head and blood in his hair and coming out of his ears. He said his left arm was in a sling. He said Jackson told of being beat up by Green and said Watson also joined in the attack. He said he then went for the gun, clutched it to his side and began shooting."

Canadian man Given ‘Self-Defense Award’: "Jeweler Dennis Galloway received a controversial award from a controversial group on Saturday, and says he has mixed feelings about the recognition. “It’s a bittersweet thing,” said Galloway, who along with wife Sharon own Dievert’s Jewelers on Johnston Road. “It’s something that I wish never happened at all, but I appreciate the support and recognition that I did do the right thing for myself and my wife,” he said. It was just before closing time on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008, when two men walked into Dievert’s Jewelers on Johnston Road. One of the men allegedly pulled out a hand-gun and pointed it at Sharon Galloway. Husband Dennis reported he then pulled out a 9 mm handgun and began firing. Although details are scarce, it is believed Galloway first shot the armed man twice before firing eight more times at the second man as he fled the scene. A year later, 46-year old James Gumbleton remains in hospital, reportedly paralyzed from the neck down... For Galloway, the attempted robbery on October 22nd was the second in seven months, and he is unapologetic for his reaction. “He came to our store. I didn’t go after him,” he said. “I have extensive self-defense training in dealing with an attack,” said Lapierre. “If you’re attacked, you have 30 seconds to fend off that attacker. Police cannot come to your rescue in 30 seconds. The only person that is responsible for your safety is you,” he said. Police had recommended a pair of charges against Galloway for allegedly possessing an unregistered handgun. Sources within the justice system told AlberniPortal.ca that Crown Counsel narrowly struck down the charges, but the file could be re-opened."

Grand jury to weigh case of Fort Worth homeowner who fatally shot suspected burglars: "A grand jury will decide whether a homeowner who fatally shot two suspected burglars last week after they kicked in his front door will face criminal charges, Tarrant County district attorney officials say. Leaving such a decision up to a grand jury is not unusual. Of four other fatal shootings this year in Fort Worth in which the shooter claimed self-defense or protection of property, three have been or will be presented to a grand jury, according to Assistant District Attorney Kevin Rousseau. Relatives of the homeowner involved in the latest shooting told the Star-Telegram that the home in the 4400 block of Shackleford Street had been repeatedly burglarized and vandalized over the year that they have lived there. Before noon Nov. 6, police say, two men apparently intent on burglarizing the home kicked in the front door. The homeowner, who relatives say had recently lost his job, was at home and opened fire. One of the suspects, 27-year-old Jonathan Cruz, was shot in the head. He collapsed on a street and was pronounced dead at the scene. The second, 24-year-old Juan Juarez., ran to the suspects’ Ford Explorer, where the homeowner fired at him again, reportedly after seeing him reach under his seat as if going for a weapon. Juarez died that night at a Fort Worth hospital. Police have since said that no weapon was found in the Explorer."

Unhappiness is a drawn gun: "There’s the real world, and there are representations of it. I draw a picture of, say, a gun. That picture is of a gun; it is not itself an actual gun. It’s just, well, a doodle. This being the case — that doodles differ from real threats — then why was a 13-year-old boy near Mesa, Arizona, suspended from school?”

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