Thursday, November 19, 2009

PA: Clerk kills robber: "A liquor store clerk shot and killed a masked gunman who tried to rob him Tuesday night, according to Wilmington police. Two gunmen came into Favor’s Liquor Store on S. Walnut Street around 9:30 p.m. and ordered the clerk to give them the money in the register. When the gunmen came around the counter to try to get the money themselves, the clerk opened fire, hitting one of the masked men, police said. The man who was shot staggered out of the store and collapsed on the sidewalk. He died at the hospital. Police were using dogs to try to track down the second gunman, who fled.”

Lesson from foiled attack on Maersk Alabama? Fire back!: "The lesson from an unsuccessful pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden this week was simple: Guns talk. The Maersk Alabama, the American-flagged ship infamously attacked by pirates in April, was attacked again Monday when Somali pirates opened fire on the ship in an attempt to board it. But the pirates didn’t get far this time, after a four-man security team aboard the ship fired back, thwarting the attack. … In Monday’s attack, the Maersk Alabama used a powerful loudspeaker system, called a long-range acoustic device, or LRAD, that can be painful to the human ear and fend off attackers. But the nonlethal device was not effective, Gortney said at the Pentagon Wednesday. The pirates were stopped only when the Maersk Alabama began returning fire.”

WI: State statute may violate Second Amendment: "The Seventh Circuit last week vacated a man’s conviction for possession of a firearm after having been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. However, the court did not strike the statute down as unconstitutional, but remanded the case to the district court to give the government the opportunity to ‘establish a reasonable fit’ between the ’statute’s means and its end.’ Addressing the record made before the district court, Judge Diane S. Sykes wrote for the court, ‘The government … has premised its argument almost entirely on Heller’s reference to the presumptive validity of felon-dispossession laws and reasoned by analogy that sec. 922(g)(9) therefore passes constitutional muster. That’s not enough.’"

SC: State offers shoppers tax-free weekend on guns: "South Carolina shoppers will get a second chance to buy tax-free guns. The state Revenue Department sent out a reminder Wednesday of the upcoming ‘Second Amendment Weekend.’ The 48-hour tax break begins just after midnight the Friday after Thanksgiving. Shoppers will pay no state or local sales taxes on handguns, rifles and shotguns, which can total 9 percent. Taxes still apply to ammunition and accessories. South Carolina had the nation’s only tax holiday on guns last year. Legislators tacked it on to a tax break on energy-efficient appliances, then restored it in the budget this year.”

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