Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NY: Clerk scares off would-be robbers with shotgun: "A bodega worker in Elmont scared off handgun-toting bandits who were trying to rob the cashier when he whipped out a shotgun, Nassau County police said. Police say the shotgun that the worker brandished was behind the counter when the two bandits came into the Elmont Deli at about 4:15a.m. Saturday and pointed a handgun at the cashier, demanding money from him. ‘After he brought out the gun, they run away,’ said Sias Jihan, a co-worker of the employee who had the shotgun.”

Anti-gun nuts: Let’s ban more guns because of Fort Hood: "So wait … the ammunition being used is available only to law enforcement and … military? Why, yes it is, according to FN’s own website. You can buy and use a number of different rounds for that pistol for self-defense, target shooting, or whatever legal purpose you wish, and police officers are at no more risk than if you had picked up a package of 9mm rounds at Wal-Mart. I guess adding in the little detail about Hasan only being able to purchase the AP rounds due to being a member of the military might have blown their argument. Must have just slipped their mind. It even slipped the mind of the writers of the above news article, since the blue-tipped rounds in the included picture indicate that they are, in fact, not armor piercing.”

How treacherous Republicans and fake conservatives are destroying America: "A few days ago when a Muslim Army Psychiatrist went on a murderous shooting spree on a domestic American army base, those who are called conservative pundits spent their air time and print space debating whether the shooter was a Muslim terrorist or merely a stressed-out whack-job. They did not ask why during the eight years of a conservative Republican administration — most of it following the worst domestic terrorist attack in U.S. history, and much of it when conservative Republicans also had a majority in Congress — never authorized members of the American military and their families to carry guns with them wherever they went on a daily basis to defend our country against terrorist attacks. It never crossed their minds that the disarmament of American soldiers — much less the citizen militia — would be the first issue the Founding Fathers would have addressed. What was it that these conservatives were supposed to be conserving?”

TX: Federal judge orders college to allow “empty holster” protest: "A federal judge granted a temporary restraining order Friday allowing two Tarrant County College students to stage their ‘empty holster’ protest at the community college campuses.U.S. District Judge Terry R. Means said in his ruling that Clayton Smith and John Schwertz Jr., who attend TCC Northeast Campus in Hurst, can wear empty gun holsters and hand out fliers in ‘public-forum areas including, but not limited to, public streets, sidewalks, and common or park areas.’ TCC wanted to restrict the protest to a small designated area. But the students cannot wear their holsters in classrooms or hallways. They are protesting for the right of licensed gun owners to carry concealed handguns on college campuses.”

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