Tuesday, April 05, 2011

FL: Husband shoots at family in trailer; shot dead by grandson: "Deanne Spivey and her daughter, who said she did not wish to be named, said that Friday night, Deanne’s 45-year-old husband Allen Dale Spivey arrived at their home in the 900 block of West Yukon Road with an assault rifle and started shooting. They described Allen Spivey as showing up Friday night and running for the door, not saying a word. Deanne Spivey’s daughter said one of her sons ran in the house and closed the door behind him and when the shots came from outside the house, her other son grabbed the handgun the family had recently bought and started to shoot back in self-defense, not knowing who was outside. “If it wasn’t for my son, we’d all be dead,” Deanne Spivey’s daughter said. The Ector County Sheriff’s Office responded to a shots fired call around 10 p.m. Friday and found Allen dead at the scene. As of Monday, no arrests or charges have been made"

KY: Man tries to rob friend; gets shot dead: "Manford Young says his brother, David, was at Ronald Sallie's house when something went wrong. Police say Young hit Sallie in the head, and then Sallie drew his gun and shot Young dead. Police say Sallie's head injuries were so severe, he required 50 stitches. Others..who say they are related to both men, say they believe Sallie did shoot Young in self defense. "I talked to him (Sallie) this morning. He said the boy came in and said he was going to kill him and rob him," said Shirley Kimelton. "What would you do if someone came into your house and told you they were going to maul you?," questioned Kimelton. No charges were filed, but police say a grand jury will have to consider if anything will be filed in the future."

CA: One robber shot; 2 others caught: "Two suspects involved in a Chula Vista shooting Monday morning were taken into custody after a car crash, and a third suspect is dead. A man and woman, believed to be in their 20s, were arrested after a smash and grab robbery attempt and shooting at the Apple Store in the Otay Ranch Town Center shortly before 7 a.m. A third suspect was shot and killed inside the store by a security guard, according to CBS affiliate KFMB. The three reportedly pulled out guns when they tried to rob the store. After shots were fired, two suspects fled in a Lexus and eventually crashed at the mall. They took off on foot, but were chased down by police, KFMB reported. The security guard told officers he was in his vehicle outside the business when he saw two men and a woman smash the store's front windows, Ficacci said. The guard confronted them and at least one of the men took out a handgun and threatened him, and a gun battle ensued. The trio then got into a small car and started to drive away but the male driver was mortally wounded and the car crashed into a light pole, according to the Union Tribune. The other man and the woman got out of the car and ran. They were found about 8 a.m. hiding on a patio in a residential neighborhood across the street"

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