Saturday, April 30, 2011

VA: Jury clears accused murderer: "A Northampton County man charged with murder in a love-triangle slaying is a free man today after a jury found him not guilty of a string of felony counts. Trawn Stratton, 31, of Cheriton, charged with murder, breaking and entering and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony was acquitted of the killing of 48-year-old town resident Harold Moses after a three-day trial... As she started to go up the steps into the house, she said she heard a second gunshot. She found her living room in disarray and blood splattered about. Both men were lying on the floor, she said. She said she saw Stratton get up, kick Moses and then left. Forensic pathologist Dr. Elizabeth Kinnison said the blood all belonged to the defendant from the wound caused by a blow from a hockey stick wielded by Moses. The jury heard Stratton say, "He struck me across the eye with a cane. I pulled the gun out. The gun was in my waist. That's when I, BOOM," he said. He said the blow with the hockey stick to his face did not knock him to the floor."

AZ governor vetoes bill to let people carry guns into most gov't buildings without metal detectors: "Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday vetoed a bill that would have allowed people to carry guns into most government buildings that don't have armed guards or metal detectors in place. The bill was one of 14 that the Republican governor vetoed Friday as she completed action on items the GOP-led Legislature approved during its 2011 regular session. Brewer also signed 29 bills Friday. In all, she signed 357 bills and vetoed 29. Brewer said the gun bill's many provisions on various firearms topics lacked clarity, including where guns would have been prohibited and where they would have been allowed. Describing herself as a gun-rights backer, Brewer said she will work in coming months on "a clear and pragmatic solution to expand the application of our Second Amendment rights in Arizona."

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