Thursday, April 28, 2011

UK: Police confiscate farmer’s shotguns: "'Tracy St Clair Pearce, 50, was confronted by four men carrying a chainsaw and a knife, who warned her they would kill her cattle at her farm in Colchester, Essex,' 'She called police late on Good Friday to report the threat, but was left gobsmacked [astounded] when officers took 35 minutes to get to her home, before telling her they would confiscate her shotguns"

Minn.: Gun bill before House: "A bill that would change the state's laws on gun permits and the right to use deadly force in cases of self-defense is getting a hearing before a House public safety committee. The committee plans to hear testimony on the bill Thursday. Among other things, the bill expands the state's laws on use of deadly force in self-defense situations. It creates a presumption that anyone who forcefully or stealthily enters a home intends to cause harm, so deadly force is allowed. Proponents say it allows law-abiding citizens to stand their ground. Those against the bill say it would allow deadly force even if the person is making a peaceable entry and is unarmed. The bill also would require that Minnesota recognize gun permits issued by other states."


Robert Wesley said...

Peaceable entry? Exactly what would that be? Perhaps that is when the burglar expects to find you gone, and when you surprise him, he says, "Oh, my mistake, I guess I'll surrender." Or, "Oops, I thought you invited me to dinner."

You can't separate the intention to steal from the intention to harm.

Robert Wesley said...

Pray tell, what does "peaceable entry" mean?

Perhaps that is when you surprise a burglar and he says, "Oops, my mistake, I didn't know you were home. I guess I'll surrender."

You cannot separate the intention to rob from the intention to harm.