Saturday, April 23, 2011

La.: Man opens fire, thwarts vehicle burglary: "Two young men trying to burglarize a truck in Chalmette got the worst of it when one got his arm rolled over by the getaway driver and the other was shot at by the owner of the vehicle, St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy James Pohlmann said. Both men escaped in a gray Dodge following the 7 p.m. incident Wednesday night in the 2300 block Corinne Drive. The truck's owner, who came outside of his home with a handgun when he saw someone climbing into his vehicle, told deputies he thought he hit the driver of the getaway car when he fired twice after the driver allegedly pointed a gun at him, authorities said. The getaway car stopped and the suspect, described as a teenager, got into the vehicle with his arm dangling as if it was broken, authorities said. The car then sped away. No charged were filed against the vehicle owner because he appeared to have acted in self defense, Pohlmann said."

Mexico wants to sue U.S. gun makers: "CBS News has learned that the Mexican Government has retained an American law firm to explore filing civil charges against U.S. gun manufacturers and distributors over the flood of guns crossing the border into Mexico. Sources say Mexico's frustration with U.S. efforts to stop the flow of weapons has pushed them into this novel approach. The law firm is looking at charges that may include civil RICO. Christopher Renzulli of New York, who has represented U.S. gun makers for fifteen years, says he believes this would be a difficult case for the Mexican government to win. "The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act would bar that kind of lawsuit from the start. The law, passed in 2005 has resulted in several lawsuits against gun makers being dismissed."

Iowa Paper Recklessly Publishes Names Of All Handgun Permit Holders Endangering Countless Lives: "A disturbing article was printed yesterday in an Iowa newspaper that publishes the names of all of the concealed carry permit applicants in a particular county. As the Wisconsin legislature considers what kind of concealed carry law they will pass: A shall-issue permit system (government registration, mandatory permit, permit tax(fee), government mandated training class, etc) OR constitutional carry (right to carry concealed without a permit just like we currently open-carry without a permit), it is important to consider the implications of permit systems and government registration."

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