Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The "gun free zone" fantasy unravels yet again:  "A GUNMAN opened fire at a Christian university in California today, killing at least seven people and wounding three more, authorities said.  The shooting erupted at 10.30am at Oikos University in Oakland.  Police confirmed a suspect has been taken into custody after being found in a shopping centre carpark nearby.  Witnesses report the shooter, identified by many as One Goh, walked into a Safeway after the rampage saying he had shot several people.  Witness Angie Johnson told the San Francisco Chronicle that she saw a young woman leave the building with blood coming from her arm and crying: "I've been shot. I've been shot."   The injured woman said the shooter was a man in her nursing class who got up and shot one person at point-blank range in the chest before spraying the room with bullets, Ms Johnson said."

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