Saturday, April 21, 2012

NV:  Self-defense ruled in  backyard shooting:  "A Summerlin resident acted in self-defense and will not be charged in the fatal shooting of an unarmed backyard intruder last month, officials at the Clark County district attorney’s office determined.  The shooting happened the morning of March 20 in the 2100 block of Spurs Court, near Hualapai Way and Sahara Avenue. The resident, who called 911, told Metro Police he fired shots at a backyard intruder, later identified as 19-year-old Demarcus Carter, who the resident believed was trying to break into his home.   The Clark County coroner’s office determined Carter died from multiple gunshot wounds, and his death was ruled a homicide.  Owens said evidence — including that Carter was shot on the front of his body — supported the resident’s claim that he felt threatened by the suspect. The resident, whose identity has not been released, said Carter continued attempting to enter the home after the two made eye contact, Owens said.  Carter was on probation after a December conviction of burglary, possessing a stolen vehicle and grand larceny, Owens said."

TN:  Shooting Of Home Intruder Was Self-Defense:  "Police said a Nashville man acted in self-defense when he fatally shot a convicted felon who forced his way into his apartment in south Nashville.  Police said 35-year-old Michael Shane Martin was killed late Wednesday night at the Brentridge apartment complex off Bell Road.  Investigators said Michael Moffitt and his girlfriend, Caycee Albright, heard a knock at their door around 11 p.m. and Moffitt found the door peephole was covered. He told Albright to call police while he got an AR-15 rifle and opened the door once he saw it was uncovered.  Police said Martin charged in with a semi-automatic pistol and wearing a mask and gloves. Moffitt was shoved into an interior wall and opened fired, killing Martin."

TX:  Woman shoots back but it was info from her that caught the crooks:  "Dayna Cooper and a 65-year-old man were shot at her home around 2 a.m. Thursday when two suspects burst in with guns blazing.  Cooper reportedly had been robbed before, so this time, she was ready and fired back with her own weapon.  But she was shot in the neck and the arm, and the suspects got away with a safe and some jewelry.  Dayna Cooper was able to give investigators information on her attackers, and police tracked the two suspects down at a Motel 6 in Humble Friday morning.  They arrested 29-year-old Adrian Nathaniel Comstock and 56-year-old Patricia Lynn Hickmann at motel.  Family members said Dayna Cooper had known Hickmann for some time, and that Hickmann took advantage of her.  Investigators believe the suspects broke into the home thinking there was a large amount of insurance money inside. But the family says that’s simply not the case."

George Zimmerman's bloody head photo supports self-defense claim:  "A cell phone photo of George Zimmerman’s bloody head has been turned over to authorities by a reluctant photographer who took the picture three minutes after Trayvon Martin was shot.   The photo, taken by the witness who saw Martin on top of Zimmerman prior to the deadly shot, shows two gashes in the back of Zimmerman’s head.  The photo supports Zimmerman’s contention that Martin was bashing his head against the sidewalk prior to the deadly gun shot."

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