Friday, April 20, 2012

NM: Would-be carjacker gets bullet in chest:  "DA determines  shooting justified.  Nathan Velasquez admitted to Hobbs police he shot an unarmed man but said he had good reason: the man was trying to steal his car and endangered his life.  "When police got here they found Cristobal Carrizoza suffering from a gunshot wound to his chest, and the individual Velasquez, who we later learned had done the shooting," Hobbs Officer Mike Stone said.  Velasquez, 20, told police he went to get into his car and found someone trying to steal it.   "Carrizoza was getting into his vehicle, and he said, 'No. What are you doing in my vehicle? That's mine,'" Stone said.  At that point, police said Velasquez reached into his car and pulled out a gun, but Carrizoza, 25, fought to get it.  That's when Velasquez told police the gun went off shooting Carrizoza in the chest.   Carrizoza's record with Hobbs police dates back to 2005 and includes robberies, domestic disputes and drug activity. He was also a suspect in a rape case in 2010."

TX:  Man with gun thwarts robbery before sheriff's detectives arrive:  "Dr. Craig Burnside was just finishing a call with his wife and about to get out of his car in a parking lot in Downtown Waco late Friday night when two suspicious men approached him.... The robber was Juan Martinez, 41, but little did he know he had picked the wrong man to rob.  Burnside dropped his phone and grabbed the handgun that he had in his car. According to Burnside he then jumped out of his car and yelled at the man to leave.  Martinez did not have time to run away however, because within seconds two sheriff's detectives who had been watching the situation escalate close by jumped out of their cars."

CA: Armored car guard shoots  robber:  "Sacramento County Sheriff's officials say an armored car guard opened fire and wounded a suspect in a department store parking lot after the man tried to rob him.  The incident outside a Sacramento Walmart occurred around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. The suspect allegedly hit the guard with a stun gun while the guard was leaving a store with bags of money.  Sheriff's deputies say the guard fell, but got up and began pursuing the suspect, shooting him in the leg. The unidentified suspect allegedly continued running and got into a vehicle that drove toward the guard, prompting him to open fire again.  The vehicle fled. Deputies say the suspect was found a short time later hiding in a dumpster and arrested.  He was taken to a hospital with a non-life-threatening wound."

AZ: Brewer vetoes bill allowing guns on public property:  "Gov. Jan Brewer rebuffed gun-rights advocates by vetoing for a second time a bill to allow guns on public property, and sent a strong message that such a proposal would need wider support from police, cities and the public before she would sign it. Brewer's veto of the bill, which could have let guns into city halls, police stations, county courts, senior centers, swimming pools, libraries and the state Capitol, was the latest setback for a push to expand the right to carry guns in public places in Arizona."

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