Thursday, April 19, 2012

Iowa:  No charges after man and woman exchange shots; Man dies:  "Des Moines County prosecutors will not seek charges in connection with last month's South Central Avenue shooting death of a Macomb, Ill., man, ruling the incident as justifiable homicide or self defense. The shooter, Jacqueline Renee Williams, 28, also of Macomb, who also was shot to the head, survived her injuries and reportedly is back at home. According to the report, Terrell Robert Miller, 22, and Williams were visiting friends at 165 S. Central Ave. on March 16.   That evening, the pair, who were in a relationship, argued on the home's front porch. Detectives said Miller had a handgun during the argument and shot Williams once in the forehead. A struggle ensued, and Williams managed to take the gun away from Miller, whom she shot six times in the head.   Burlington emergency medical crews and police officers who responded to the scene shortly after 10 p.m. found Miller dead on the front porch."

CO: Aggressive man finally gets his due:  " Andre Manzanares had a long history of fighting his neighbors, deputies and even his own mother, court records show.  And on April 1, Manzanares lost his final fight when a stranger he confronted shot him three times, killing him on Main Street just at the edge of Brighton in Adams County.  After reviewing the evidence, Adams County District Attorney Don Quick declined to file criminal charges against Jones.... "When Jones reached his car, he opened the front passenger side door, turned around and witnessed Mr. Manzanares rounding the corner of the building approximately 20 yards away and running toward Mr. Jones," the letter says. "Jones grabbed his pistol from under the passenger seat, racked the slide ejecting a live round onto the ground."  Jones told authorities he warned Manzanares he had a gun.  "I don't give a ---- what you got," Manzanares said back, Jones told investigators.  Jones then fired his gun, killing Manzanares, the letter says."

NEBRASKA: Governor Signs Two Pro-Second Amendment Bills into Law:  "LB 807, introduced by state Senator Scott Lautenbaugh (18), clarifies that only individuals who have been criminally convicted of a felony, misdemeanor crime of violence or state laws pertaining to firearms and drug related offenses, would be disqualified from receiving a Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit. By clarifying the current law, LB 807 ultimately helps streamline and expedite the Concealed Handgun Permit application process by not unnecessarily denying lawful citizens from obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit in the Cornhusker State. On April 5, LB 807 was amended with floor Amendment 2382 by state Senator Russ Karpisek (32), which allows for seized firearms that were not used in the commission of a crime to be returned to their lawful owner or sold at public auction, instead of being unnecessarily destroyed. This amendment passed by a 27 to 0 vote. Gun owners were victorious last week as well. On April 11, Legislative Bill 804, civil immunity legislation, was signed into law by Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman. This important self-defense reform will go into effect on July 18, 2012."

Zimmerman judge replaced in Trayvon Martin case:  "Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. Wednesday was assigned to take over the case of a neighborhood watchman who killed unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.  Lester was randomly assigned to the case in Seminole County Court after Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler recused herself because of a conflict of interest, the Orlando Sentinel reported.  Lester will preside at Zimmerman's bond hearing Friday, the newspaper said. A separate petition brought by several news organizations challenging the sealing of normally open court records is also set for Friday.  Wayne Klinkbeil, an assistant public defender in Lester's courtroom in 1997, told the Sentinel he is "very in control of his courtroom, very straightforward."

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