Thursday, May 31, 2012

CA:  Jewelry store robbery suspect dies after being shot:  "Police say a jewelry store owner shot a robbery suspect inside his store and the suspect later died. The attempted robbery happened at the Gold N Treasures jewelry store, located at 2550 San Ramon Valley Boulevard.  It sounds like the robbers were caught off guard and found themselves looking down the barrel of a gun. One thing that they might not have known is that a lot of jewelry store owners have guns of their own.  There were four suspects and witnesses saw at least three of them running across San Ramon Valley Boulevard. One of them collapsed in the middle of the crosswalk, apparently after being shot by the jewelry store owner. Police said he died at the hospital. Now detectives are searching for the three suspects who may have gotten away in a white, four-door, 1990s model sedan."

CA:  Store Owner Arrested After Shooting Shoplifter:  "A Lodi liquor store owner is under arrest, and the alleged shoplifter he shot was treated at the hospital and released.   Officers arrested the store owner, Gurminder “Gary” Parmar, and booked him into jail for assault with a deadly weapon.  Cops were called to Tokay Liquors in Lodi just before 10 p.m. Tuesday by a customer who said a robbery suspect was running away.  While investigating, they learned after the suspect took a 12 pack of bottled beer and was leaving the store.  The suspect was found a short time later three blocks from the store, with a gunshot wound to his shoulder and the beer. He was identified as 21-year-old Christopher Driggers.  A friend of Parmar’s, who also owns several liquor stores in Stockton, said Parmar saw Driggers reach for his back pocket.  "He tried to pull something from the pocket and he got scared he might have some gun in the pocket," said Sukhdit Singh.  "He's an awesome guy, I never had any problems with him, I never even seen him raise his voice to anyone in here," said Kelley who believed Parmar fired in self-defense."

CO:  Bin Laden hunter acquitted in Colorado gun case:  "A Colorado man who went to Pakistan to try to kill Osama bin Laden has been acquitted on a charge of owning a handgun as a convicted felon.  The Greeley Tribune reports a jury spent about an hour deliberating on Wednesday before acquitting Gary Faulkner, who was convicted of attempted theft in 1988.  Faulkner was arrested on the gun charge after firing at three alleged intruders. His attorney argued he fired in self-defense.   Prosecutors say Faulkner didn't have to fire because he had already chased the men out of his home.  Colorado law allows felons to own a gun for self-defense."

OH:  Jury finds gunman acted in self-defense:  "A jury acquitted Dontez Parks, who has a concealed handgun license, on Wednesday finding he acted in self-defense when he shot another man who he believed he was trying to enter his van to harm him and his two children.  In this case, Parks had an ongoing problem with Henry, who was the boyfriend of his former girlfriend, a woman with whom Parks had a child. Testimony revealed the 25-year-old Henry was quick to join discussions between Parks and his ex-girlfriend. Henry, who is a much bigger man with a muscular build, had threatened him in the past, Parks testified.  She argued Henry approached Parks' van that evening, which was pinned between cars in the drive-thru of a gas station. She said he had no way to retreat, which is required, if possible, under the self-defense law.  Parks testified Henry approached the van in a threatening way and tried to rip open the door on the passenger side. Parks said he warned Henry at least twice to get away from him.  Henry then approached the driver's door, which Parks said Henry tried to open. At that point, Parks kicked open the door and fired a shot to stop the threat."

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