Friday, October 26, 2012

(SC)Employee Shoots, Kills Man During Armed Robbery Of Greenville Co. Business


Erica Jameson is questioning just how safe she truly is in her own neighborhood.

"It scares me living so close and it kind of makes me scared to come out and get on the bus," Erica Jameson said. And she's not alone.

"My son was right close by getting his hair cut he could have walking down the street or something," Barbara Resmond said.

Deputies say an employee inside Precision Automotive saw two men with a gun walk in. That's when the employee pulled out his gun and shot and killed one of the suspects. Deputies heard what happened and rushed in arresting the other suspect.

You’re hearing more about gun owners defending themselves. It's incidents like this that have people ready to pack heat.

"It makes you want to get some more protection for yourself," Jameson said.

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Anonymous said...

What idiots! I drove by there this afternoon to verify my suspicions, it's right next door to Allen Arms - the local indoor firing range - they ought to be glad everyone in the entire next door parking lot didn't open up on them - it's hard to park there they get so much business. Bet that the business owner has spent time practicing over at Allen Arms...