Tuesday, October 16, 2012

(NM)Police say man acted in self-defense to shoot offender

A man who was attacked with a knife after someone barreled into his parked car and then shot the aggressor apparently acted in self defense, police said Monday.

Santa Fe police say a 33-year-old man driving a red Toyota Tacoma pickup slammed into a parked car in the 100 block of Candelario Street at about 9:15 p.m. Sunday. The driver, who’s name was not released Monday morning, continued to the dead-end of the street, turned around and was confronted by the owner of the parked Nissan sedan, according to Sgt. Andrea Dobyns.

“He saw the red Tacoma trying to leave and told the driver he was going to call police,” Dobyns said.

The 67-year-old owner of the red Nissan sedan, which was totaled according to neighbors, heard the crash and went out to investigate like many of the other residents on the small street.

The driver stopped near where he had hit the car, according to Dobyns, got out of the truck and approached the older man. In the driver’s hand was a knife and he sliced at the man’s face, cutting him from his cheek to his ear, according to Dobyns.

The owner of the car was carrying a Glock handgun in his back pant pocket and pulled it after realizing he had been stabbed. Dobyns said the man fired a single shot into the driver’s abdomen.

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