Tuesday, March 03, 2015

TX: Amarillo Open Carry in the Snow

Open carry Texas is keeping the heat on the Texas legislature.  This time with an open carry march in Amarillo, in the snow.  More than 2,300 open carry marches have been conducted in Texas in the last 18 months.  No other social movement has been as effective in organizing and gaining followers in the last few decades.  Open carry has struck a cord with the Texas gun culture.  Many became educated as to the state of the law.  Some could not believe that they did not already have rights that are commonly in place in most of the other states.  Others could not believe that they had the legal rights that they did.  Both groups were emboldened to march and protest the current state of the law.  Reports from the marchers show overwhelming support for their actions.  From amarillo.com:
They marched on Soncy Road through the snow and the wind with rifles and shotguns on their back, pausing occasionally to wave to drivers showing support with honks.

“In a lot of the bigger cities, we’ll usually have at least one person who screams at you,” said CJ Grisham, president and founder of Open Carry Texas. “I didn’t hear a single person scream at us.”

About 30 demonstrators showed up for the walk to advocate for laws that would lighten government restrictions on carrying guns. Though the organization has conducted more than 2,300 walks and rallies across the state, it was the first of its kind in Amarillo.
The march took place on Saturday, 28 February, 2015.  Because this march was the first of its kind in Amarillo, perhaps the honks were in appreciation that the city was no longer being left out of the action.  It seems unlikely that the march will be the last one to take place there.

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