Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MN: Minnesota Posts New CCW Reciprocity List for 2015

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has posted the new reciprocity list for the State, in order to meet the requirements of the gun law reform passed in 2015.  As expected of an appointee of an openly disarmist governor, the list approved by the Commissioner of Public Safety is very restrictive, removing four states for minor differences in the law, and adding eight states or state permits that have limited numbers.

The additional eight states permits now be recognized by the State of Minnesota are: Delaware, Idaho (enhanced permit), Illinois, New Jersey, North Dakota (enhanced permit), Rhode Island, South Carolina, and South Dakota (enhanced permit).

States previously recognized, and still recognized, are: Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Missouri, Texas, Wyoming, and Utah are no longer recognized by Minnesota.

While more state permits are now recognized by Minnesota, the disarmists may be smiling; they have managed to disqualify more permit holders than they recognized. 

The permit holders with Missouri, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming permits total 1,645,000.  The permits added total about 377,000.   About a million and a quarter permit holders just lost reciprocity for their permit in Minnesota.  I suspect that is not what the legislature intended.

The disarmist smiles may be short lived.  The gun culture in Minnesota demonstrated its clout when it was able to have the gun reform bill attached to the State budget, thereby avoiding Governor Dayton's veto.

I suspect legislators will not be happy with the creative logic used by the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety.

Substantially similar is a lower standard than "identical" and similar is a lower standard than "substantially similar".    If Minnesota follows the track of other states that have reformed their carry laws, the next step will be to recognize permits from all other states and territories, without giving the Department of Public Safety any discretion in the matter.

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Anonymous said...

California tried locking people out by closing its state borders back in the 1930s. The US supreme court put a stop to it. the supreme court ruled that American citizens could go anywhere they want and their constitutional rights go with them. I think MN gun laws are unconstitutional. Your right to self defense is in the federal constitution the state constitutions can not deny your right to self defense depending on where you come from (1964 civil rights law) Race, creed, color or national origin. The tenth amendment forbids states the authority to deny your constitutional rights, it backs up the other nine constitutional rights. MN can not deny your right to self defense or your right to carry your self defense fire arms. The second amendment is a nationally guaranteed right. recent supreme court ruling have made it clear the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right. MN does not have to like it but that is the law of the land.

Wireless.Phil said...

Just happened to find this while searching a dinosaur dig at Snowmastodon Project, Colorado.

I'm not versed in Colorado gun laws.

Denver Museum Gun Policy