Friday, November 25, 2016

How not to fire a 12 Gauge Pistol or Sawed off Shotgun

This short video shows how not to fire a 12 gauge pistol/Sawed off shotgun. The link is below.

The video shows the person firing with a less than firm grip on the firearm.  Shotguns shells can develop considerable recoil.  Without a firm grip, and only using one hand, the firearm flies out of the shooter's hand and smacks him in the face.

It could have been worse. Occasionally a shooter with a weak grip will find that the firearm escapes his grasp while the trigger finger stays engaged. The firearm then may fire one or more shots as it flips around.  This is dangerous for any in the area.

It has resulted in the shooter's own death in a small number of cases.

You can see that this shooter is inexperienced and fearful by the body posture. Notice that he leans back away from the gun, attempting to put his body as far from it as possible. This moves his center of gravity back toward the edge of his base of support, making it easy for him to be tipped off balance to the rear.

Experienced shooters lean into the gun, so that recoil moves them onto their base instead of off of it.  With a firearm with significant recoil, use two hands to help control it. This is especially worthwhile if you have not fired it before, and do not know how much recoil will be generated.

Once you experience the recoil, you will have an idea of what to expect, and what might be necessary to control it.  Be wary of others who have fired guns and then give them to you to "try" if they may have significant recoil.

It is not unknown for pranksters to fire a gun with reduced loads, then to hand it to the unwary with full power loads.

This is a very bad practice, but it happens. Some people like to play "practical jokes". It is a deadly serious matter when firearms are involved.

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Anonymous said...

Title of article should be "How AND WHERE not to fire a 12 gauge Pistol or Sawed off Shotgun." Obviously in a residential neighborhood, I hope the cops were able to track these guys down.

Wireless.Phil said...

Too bad it wasn't full-auto!
He could have taken his stupid head off with it!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a guy shoot a S&W 44 mag using the sights close to his face we all had a good laugh. It only took one time for him to gain respect for the recoil and about a month for his forehead to heal.