Monday, November 21, 2016

Thoughts on a Post Presidency Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has been hinting, quite strongly, that he will be active in politics after he leaves the Presidency.  He is relatively young, so he can be expected to be around for two to three decades. In spite of most ex-presidents staying out of the political sphere, with some exceptions by Presidents Carter and Clinton, this activity will be quite unusual.  But I do not expect it to be a bad thing for the Republic.  Here is why:

The Democrats have built him into a cult of personality that makes Bill Clinton look pale (pun intended).  The party will not be able to resist his takeover, now that the Clinton machine has been discredited with the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

The Democrat party will move even further to the left under Barack.  His appeal will only be reduced as he no longer has the full power and status of the Presidency.  The establishment media will gradually grow tired of his harangues, that will not be tempered by a bevy of advisers and speechwriters, and kept on track by teleprompters.  Barack is already famous for gaffes when he goes impromptu, and he will be doing that much more frequently as a private party.

Barack will take the Democrat party down to a minority party status.

The establishment media has lost control of the narrative with the election of Donald Trump.  The technological arrow has been pointing in this direction for two decades now, and there is no reason to believe it will reverse anytime soon.

Barack has never been one to easily take outside counsel.  He will not let the Democrat part move toward the center. This will continue for decades.

No one will be able to say no to the affirmative action president, and his false assumptions about reality will drive the Democrats to further defeats.

Good luck, as head of the Democrat Party, Mr. President!

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Anonymous said...

If Trump follows through Ozero will be in jail with the Clintons. I think a lot of what Trump has kept secret is secret for a very good reason. after his oath is taken be prepared for major changes and flying orders. right about now Ozero must be wearing diapers. up to now and the time of his oath no charges are being filed, Why because that prevents last minute pardons. If I can read Trump like I can read my ex wife. I'll buy the beer.

ScienceABC123 said...

Barack Obama will want only two things when he retires; 1) regular access to golf courses, and 2) regular access to a teleprompter.

Anonymous said...

That picture ruined my breakfast.