Friday, November 25, 2016

OH: Police Dog Shot in Self Defense?

No charges indicate that the self defense claim is plausible.
Investigators say they are sorting out conflicting stories, one of which alleges that the dog was acting in an aggressive manner and was shot in self defense.

Youngstown Police Chief Robin Lees tells 21 News that the K-9 "Goose" was with its handler, Officer Josh Kelly, when a neighbor shot the dog.

Coitsville Police do not anticipate that anyone will be charged.
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Unknown said...

I have had questionable encounters with police dogs myself. The most recent simply walking past an illegally parked squad car (in the driving lane) while picking up some coffee at Caribou. The dog lunged at the bars over the open window and gnawed at the bars. I probably would have been forced to shoot him had the bars not been there.