Saturday, November 19, 2016

John Lott addresses the Mexican Legislature on Gun Law

On Wednesday, 16 November, 2016, John Lott testified before the Mexican legislature about the benefits of an armed population. He was invited by Senator Jorge Luis Preciado.  A reform of the Mexican gun control laws is getting a serious consideration.  On October 6, Senator Preciado published a policy recommendation to emulate the U.S. Second Amendment. This would not be simple legislation, but a change in the Mexican constitution.

From John Lott:
The last few days have been very exciting with me testifying before the Mexican Senate and House Constitution Committees as they consider changing the Mexican Constitution. Right now Mexicans are only allowed to have small caliber guns and only in their homes. The proposed changes would again allow people to keep their guns with them in their businesses and cars. Right now there is also only one gun store in the entire country and it is located in Mexico City, thus making it impossible for poorer people from the rest of the country to legally own a gun. My testimony was well received and was broadcast live on Mexico's two largest television networks as well as their version of C-SPAN. Over a hundred newspaper articles have been published in Mexico after my presentation. Hopefully in our next email we will have a link to my testimony.
At the CPRC, they have a translation of one of the articles in Melenio, on of the larger national newspapers. From the
“It’s easy to talk about what could go wrong in the arms control debate, but you do not have to guess, there are many experiences in a number of countries that can be considered.

“For example, if it has worked in the United States, why not believe that in Mexico too? Since the system has not worked they may not do so as a federal law, but by states and see how it is resulting. Some states may be allowed to experiment, local laws are enforced, some states have high levels of criminality, it is obvious that the system failed, what can they lose if they give people the opportunity to defend themselves? “He asked.

Lott is a member of the forum invited by Senator Jorge Luis Preciado to analyze the use of weapons, titled “Analysis of the reform initiative to the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives. In self-defense, “to be held today at the Senate.
The makes the possibility of international reciprocity between Mexico and the United States something to consider. It would be a fitting subject for talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) reform.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the simple fact is that having the ability to defend myself or others and property Must be universal There will always be someone to defend against. It makes no difference where you are , who you are or what you are. old man young woman or even what kind of a shot you are. Most encounters are too close and make hitting your target easy. some times the target may be farther away, practice takes care of that. When I had my gun shop I made sales to well experience as well as novices. I always made sure the novices new how to handle the fire arm. this is what I mean when I say I was proud of my customer service. all of my customers knew I gave each one the same attention. and they were willing to wait in line for that attention. I answered all of their questions that I had the answers to. some times I had to make long distance telephone calls to get them the information they needed. an armed society is a polite and safe society. It is my opinion that the more guns there are the safer everyone is . a purse stealer does not run to far if you shoot them in the foot. the biggest tough guy is never as big as a 357. trouble makers seem to calm down if they know you do not have to put up with their threats. Rocks and sticks can be as deadly and hands and guns. Fear is something I will not tolerate. the only thing I ever worry about is missing my target. I worry very little.

It is a fact of nature most people will actually blink 6 times a minute, it is just how the eyes are designed. Most people will blink just before their next move. Like John Wayne said in his last movie, I wont. fact if I know where something is I can find it with my eyes closed or in a completely dark room. I just have very good hand eye coordination. I Think every body that wants to carry should be allowed to, the ones that are ignorant will not be around long. we are each responsible for our own safety, some times we have to come to the aid of others. when I have to shoot I make it count.

Mexico has always had problems with guns.