Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rifle Used to Shoot World Record Whitetail: Knight Disc Extreme?

There have been many stories written about the likely new world record non-typical whitetail taken by Stephen Tucker in Tennessee.  It has been written about in The Tennessean, The New York Times, North American Whitetail, CNN, Fox News and Field and Stream.  Field and Stream is the only place I found a photograph of Stephen with his rifle.  The rifle part of the picture was rotated and cropped.  You see it above.

None of the articles I have read identify the rifle. Shooters are naturally curious about what hardware was used to take a world record trophy.

I believe the rifle used was a Knight Disc Extreme. It is likely a .50 caliber, which seems to be the most popular.  You can see a close up of a stainless version of the .50 caliber Knight Disc Extreme in the picture above.  On this rifle the scope is a Simmons, while Stephen Tucker's rifle appears to sport a Leupold, identified because of the gold ring. The stocks on the rifles are very close.  The "checkering" pattern is the same, even if the camo pattern is a bit different.

The action, trigger guard, trigger, and scope base placement all seem the same.

I am convinced the rifle is a Knight, but there have been some nomenclature changes over the years.  The action looks the same as on the Disc Extreme rifles.

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