Monday, January 30, 2017

UT: Man Kills Mountan Lion Attacking Dog, no Charges

CEDAR FORT, Utah -- A family pet was attacked and killed by a mountain lion in Cedar Fort Thursday night, and a neighbor ended up shooting and killing the cougar.

"I've lived here all my life and that was the first cougar I've ever seen in town," said witness Ken Strickland.

Strickland is trying to get the image out of his mind: his neighbor's 10-year-old black lab, Teeankom, attacked by a mountain lion in their own front yard around 8 p.m.
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Anonymous said...

I live close to the Cibola wild life refuge. I had two mountain lions stalking my yard they had the scent of my children. I called the refuge and reported the two lions. they told me there were no lions in the area and they would know it if there were. I said ok if they do not exist you will not miss them. I got a call about a half hour later telling me about the fines for shooting a lion. I hung up on them. about month later the game ranger that told me the tracks I showed him were those of a large dog told me they has trapped the two I described and moved them out of the area. Mountain lions travel in a 500 mile circle. they are back. Arizona law permits terminating dangerous animals if they are threatening you ,yours or your live stock. You do not have to let them kill your three year old children or eat your pets. I shoot on sight.