Sunday, January 22, 2017

WV: Shooting Likely Self Defense

A 71-year-old St. Albans man told police he shot a 27-year-old man Tuesday when the younger man attacked him, according to a news release from the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office.

Kanawha County Metro 911 received a report about a shooting at about 11:15 a.m. at 421 Moses Street in St. Albans. Kanawha sheriff’s deputies responded and found a man who had been shot about a block away.

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Anonymous said...

Under these circumstance I do not see a need for a warning. defense of property is just that you shot the person in the act of destroying your property If someone were hacking your horse with a sword would you wait for them to comply with telling them to stop? I believe I would have to shoot them in the butt, at least once.

Anonymous said...

I think the changing gun culture is going to take time to level out. It is a new experience for some to be around guns and to learn etiquette. there may be a period of adjustment for some people. In the long run it can only have a positive effect. a few hot heads will disappear or get buried. People will learn better respect for each other and it may even let us get back to the days when we needed far fewer police and fewer police reduces taxes. we might even get back to leaving our doors unlocked. when people understand locks only keep honest people out and a closed door needs permission to open. when you open a door that does not belong to you, you may need six friends to carry you home. It never hurts a society for people to work for a living and build respect and integrity with some pride in accomplishment rather than steal what you want from others. Sam Colt did more than make everyone equal. He made it possible to separate the honest from the dishonest. He also made grave digging a profitable profession. Originally police never carried guns they did not need them to do their job, investigate crime, sheriffs and marshals hunted down the criminals. a long time ago things were very different. as we veer that direction lessons will need to be learned like never make threats you can not back up. never take what does not belong to you and get permission to enter any where you go. People that have respect for others usually live longer. One thing to remember you may think you are a great shot. but there is always someone better and you may not know who that is until you make your last mistake. its Ok though the mortician can get that surprised look off your face.