Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Video of Motorcycle Hijacker being shot by Brazilian Police Officer

A quick search shows that it happened in October of 2013. The shooting is done by the police officer in the grey shirt. The helmet video clearly shows the officer shooting the hijacker. Note that the revolver used by the motorcycle jacker had been placed back in his pocket.  The person with the helmet video is out of the line of fire by a few feet.

The officer appears to be about 15 feet from the jacker when he shoots.

The revolver used by the jacker is likely a Taurus or Rossi .38 caliber.

Link to video

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Anonymous said...

I had a motor cycle stolen once, when I caught the guy on my cycle. I lifted him completely off of it with a right upper cut. I still have a scar on my knuckle from his tooth that was driven through his lip. Oddly enough he did not want the cycle any longer and let me have it back with no further need to discuss the issue.