Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Follouwup LA: Woman who Shot Neighbor found Not Guilty, Self Defense

A jury in St. John the Baptist Parish deliberated for 15 minutes before finding Tyranika Williams 27, not guilty on charges of aggravated battery in the shooting of Dwayne Cook on Oct. 8.

On the night of the shooting, Cooks - who survived the shooting - testified that his neighbor, Williams, came out of her house about 11 p.m. and shot him in the chest after he approached her and asked her for a ride to get cigarettes, according to a statement from Williams' attorney, Michael Smith.

Williams, then 24, told police that she had been walking out to her car to get her calculator to do her homework and was carrying a 9mm handgun because she was afraid of going out at night by herself. While she was looking in her trunk, Williams said she felt someone grab her on her side and say, “I been looking for you.”
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Anonymous said...

When some one has the authority to determine if you are well enough trained to carry is an INFRINGMEN, quality and amount of training are subjective, thus a gun grabber would say no one has enough training and I say If you can legally buy the weapon only an idiot would try to use it without getting training to feel comfortable No one needs a permit or a license to exercise a right. And if someone can identify a person not entitled to self defense at any time any where point him out. Society has no right to deny any one the ability to defend themselves. Just like the Florida school shooting the cops were supposed to be the protector in prison the guards are supposed to be the protects and we see how that works out. one place guns should be allowed and the other they cant be allowed. and you can never depend on any one to save your life but you.