Wednesday, March 28, 2018

OR: Man Holds Tresspassers at Gunpoint

A commenter says Ryan Best attempted to get into his house as well.

Lutz said he saw 22-year-old Ryan Best and 21-year-old Arcelia Vasquez-Smith upon opening the door. He said he pointed his gun at them and told them to get on the ground. He told his kids to call the police and said he held the trespassers there for 10 minutes while he waited for police to arrive.

Lutz said when they did arrive, he found himself relieved and even emotional.

"Backed away with my gun and put it on the table, sat down, and kind of lost it emotionally," said Lutz.

He said during that time he was holding the two trespassers in the garage, he realized that if either of them became a threat to either him or his family, he would have to make a difficult decision about firing his gun.
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