Saturday, March 17, 2018

NY: More on Off Duty Officer Shooting Loose, Agressive, Rottweiler

Animal owners often fail to realize that their dog acts much differently when it is loose and not under their conrol.

Police investigated and both sides say the shooting was deemed self-defense. McGrann did not get in any trouble. Now Apollo's family says they want justice.

"How do you do that to a family? That's like someone shooting a kid. That was my kid, that was my baby. It's just unacceptable and to just be getting away with it is even worse," said Fey. "He just got to go home with a gun that he just killed an animal with for no reason. At the least he should have had his weapon confiscated."

Meanwhile, McGrann says he's sorry for what happened.

"I'm heartbroken beyond words what happened and it was 100 percent last resort. He's their friendly little dog in their home. On the street it's a different story," said McGrann.

We checked with Jefferson County Dog Control, which says it did have a couple of complaints about Apollo running loose in the past.
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