Saturday, March 10, 2018

TX: Armed Husband Holds Home Invader for Police

"I sat up and said, 'what the hell is going on,' and he goes, 'hey man . . . my wife is under the house and Chuck Norris is waiting for me and I'm having a hard time'," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez, a former sheriff's deputy, said that's when his law enforcement training kicked in. "I'm just slowly reaching for my weapon and he's talking and all of the sudden I grabbed my gun and trained it on him. I said 'drop the damn weapon,'" Rodriguez said.

The homeowner said with his gun in one hand, he used the other to dial 9-1-1 and warned Prieto if he made one wrong move he would shoot. "I had every right to kill him. I was ready and I swear I would have. Had he come at me I was ready. I had my gun fully loaded with 15 in the clip and one in the chamber, so it was ready to go," Rodriguez said.
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