Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Darwin in WWII, Traveling into Western Australia. Writing limited for a few days

I have been to Darwin, Australia. It is a bustling, modern small city of 160,000 or so. At the start of WWII it was about 2,000.  The Japanese command saw Darwin as a useful place for the allies to use as a supply point.

On 19 February, 1942, they attacked with a similar force used on Pear Harbor. They sunk nine ships and destroyed 30 aircraft. They killed over 230 people (more than a tenth of Darwin's civilian population) though most were sailors and soldiers. They wounded 400 more.

The attacks continued for nearly two years, until late 1943.

In the current Darwin harbor, a Japanese four masted sailing training vessel was anchored. I  saw Japanese cadets in town, shopping.

Communications in Western Australia are spotty. The distance between accomodations is far.

Posting will be effected.Writing will be limited.

I should be through it in about a week, maybe less.

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