Friday, May 24, 2019

HI: Judge allows for new trial in Shooting of Drunken Navy Man trying to Enter Wrong House

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A judge ruled Tuesday that the state will have a second chance at prosecuting the man who fatally shot a neighbor trying to enter his West Oahu home by mistake.

John Hasselbrink, 41, was killed after a night out drinking in April 2018.

Authorities initially charged his neighbor, Gregory Farr, with manslaughter and firearm violations.

The criminal charges, however, were dismissed earlier this month when the judge ruled that several delays violated Farr’s right to a speedy trial.
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ExpatNJ said...

New Jersey is often called a "gun-owner's hell", and, not without good reason.
It seems like Hawaii has decided to vie for that coveted title.

Anonymous said...

Very importantly I follow many of the unconstitutional acts and laws passed by congress and state legislatures. Liberals are intent on destroying out constitution. States seem to think the tenth amendment does not exist and for decades the democraps have passed numerous unconstitutional acts. I have traced the problem back to the liberal United States Supreme court in the Marbury v Madison case of 1803 when it unconstitutionally added the authority to interpret law to their constitutional powers. When the framers wrote the constitution they very carefully chose ever word for its exact meaning, the most appropriate word to express their intent. The real issues in the current mess in Washington is the democraps are afraid that if conservative actually get control of government for a long period of time all of the bits and pieces they have chipped away from the constitution will be reversed and decades of their efforts will be for nothing. America prospered when we knew what constitutional law was. Liberals managed to get the teaching of the constitution in High school as a required course in 1970 discontinued. I fear the only way to get back to a constitutional government is going to be civil war and I expect to see that war in my life time. visual aids are very helpful in some circumstances. Maybe we will have to send some gun grabbers hides to a taxidermist so we can remember what they looked like for future generations. Gun grabbers don't like guns and they would be the first to shoot you if you refuse to give them your guns. My place will be very easy to find once the gun grabbing starts, Just look for the pile of bodies.